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Randomonium – Wind Down Edition

This edition of Randomoniom is brought to you by the fact that I got closer to Inbox : Zero than I have been in a while.  Technically, I have six emails left from four people, one to remind me of a check I need to write tomorrow, two regarding Hannah’s Dream budgets that include detailed instructions that I am unable to follow, two others also budget related, and Kelsey’s emailed Christmas list.   Having trimmed it down from the forty range, it’s time to unwind.

Big day for The Zoe Foundation as we launched our uber-desired t-shirts. The designs turned out fantastic, thanks to Gurl Wunder Leah Gagne and Andrew Chen.

To see the back sides – and frankly, to break down and order one because you know you want to – go here to The Zoe Foundation site to order.

We’re starting to see that onething glaze on peoples’ eyes around the base. You know…days before Christmas and we’re looking beyond to hosting a little thing with 20,000 of our closest friends.  If you haven’t registered, my offer still stands.  I’ll pay your registration.   Go here to come here.

Along with the onething glaze, our kids have Christmas break on the brain.   Jackson, Grayson and Zion have a few days left before it kicks in.  These last days of the semester are a deadly melding of semester finals and cookie induced euphoria.  Tomorrow, Zion builds a gingerbread house, which given his tendencies, could end up being a gingerbread guitar.  I’m sure it won’t change the taste.

Zion, Grayson and I took in a Chiefs game Sunday. If you wait long enough into the winter of a dismal season and are willing to hope the curb to park on a grass strip, it can be fairly affordable.  We had a great time with Zion cheering hard while Gray and I wonder if we could pool our money and get another order of fries.  The Chiefs lost, but overall, we felt like winners.

For those who are wondering about the girls, yes, they are alive and quite well.

  • Piper approaches life with a look of bemusement.    She’s quick to laugh, but I get that sense that she’s laughing at us, not with us.
  • The twinnies have become a full contact sport, masters of the Divide-n-Conquer, one dashing toward the dining room table while the other makes for the breakfast table.  They know good and well we can’t chase both of them at once, and one of them ends up standing on the table.  You can find a video of their climbing skills here.
  • Zoe is enjoying preschool 2 days a week and seems to think her teachers are learning quite well.   Here she sings the coveted Ice Cream Song.

So, there you have it.  Randomonium, mid December, 2009.  Next post, more focus…but for tonight, this will have to do.


2 Responses

  1. Lily just watched Zoe sing her song about the ice cream cone. At the end she laughed and said, “It’s funny.”

  2. I agree with Lily! Very enjoyable.

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