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So about these meetings…

I have started three blog posts about the extended meetings that we have been enjoying at IHOP-KC.  All three posts tried to explain the whole concept of Holy Spirit oriented meetings, healings, manifestations, etc., to the uninitiated.  All three posts turned out very wordy and excessively boring.

With the understanding that this will not be the final word from me on these happenings, I’ve decided to just do a stream of consciousness post and saving the homeletics, hermanuetics and apologetics for a later date.  The days without this sort of activity of the Spirit will leave us plenty of time for all three….but tonight, dog tired and a heart full of love, this is all I have for you.

I love that God is using Wes Hall in such a significant way in these meetings.  I know Wes to be of the highest character, committed to scholarship and without a bend toward hype.   When Wes can’t finish a sentence because he keeps errupting in laughter, I don’t wonder “Is this God?”   God, thanks for making it easy for us.  This is you…because that’s not Wes. 🙂

It’s nice to see extended meetings in a place with multiple quality worship leaders.  It takes away a bit of the cult of personality that often surrounds these sorts of things.

If the meetings continue, at some point we’re going to need to figure out parking and seating.   The closest thing that I’ve ever been around that had this sort of energy on it was the Brownsville Revival.  Their auditorium was not much bigger than ours, but they had numerous other buildings (and were able to buy parking areas near their building) that allowed them to host 5,000 people or more each night.  I don’t know how that could happen on our current location.  I also know there are probably smarter people than me thinking about this already and I’m glad they are.

Baptisms are going to be core.  There was so much joy in the room tonight to see people take this faith step.  And Hal Lindhart does the most theologically astute baptisms ever.  One should get their own M.Div when they come up out of the water.

Can we just raise our hands and shout one collective ‘Shundai!’ for the tech people who, on a few hours notice, have been able to webstream this whole thing with such high quality?  Where else on earth could you tell the crew “we’re going to do broadcast a six hour event live, every day, for…..a while” and not have to hire people the next day?   You can watch the webstream from 6pm to Midnight central time at www.ihop.org.

I like that we’ve been careful not to term this a revival.  I don’t know that we know exactly what a true one looks like…’awakening’ sounds more accurate to me anyway.  Early on I had bad dreams about someone printing t-shirts with the words “The IHOP Outpouring” or “The Great Fiddler Revival”.   Let us not go there.

So…that’s all I have to say right now.  If I didn’t answer your questions, put them in the comment section and I’ll try to in coming days.  Meanwhile, I’m going back to the webstream. I left the actual meeting about two hours ago but can’t drag myself away from the screen.


7 Responses

  1. Personally, I’m just calling it Healing from the Heartland because there is such a powerful move of the Spirit in every kind of healing. I am especially moved by the intensity and depth of the emotional healings taking place. I am watching intently from Olympia WA and am grateful for the wonderful way the IHOP community is stewarding this wonderful moving of the Spirit of God!

  2. Watching from Alaska, wishing I was there. Knowing I need to be here. Praying for both Alaska and KC.

    I saw you tonight on the web stream during the late EGS. I prayed for even MORE for you personally and your lovely bride and family!

    Blessings from the -20F Northland!

  3. Thank you
    I am a third year seminary student from Asbury and i have been watching whatever it is that has been happening at IHOP with great curiosity. You see Randy, i grew up in the fires of Brownsville (i don’t think what is happening has the Brownsville feel, but i have only been watching via the net) and have spent a large part of my studies at Asbury trying to make room for Charismatic ministry in the academy (and thank God Asbury is more open than any other seminary i have ever heard of. Ask some of your colleagues and Asbury alumni about their feeling of people like Steve Seamands or Bob Tuttle). The supernatural does not work well with serious academic study and it has been an up hill battle. Yet, i am fully convinced that it is only through the power of the Spirit that we will advance Christ’s kingdom and serious theological engagement must run along side that. Things like the Bently debacle really make all spirit-led ministry look bad. I don’t think it needs to be a three ring circus to be the Holy Spirit and i don’t think just because someone labels it “a move of God” does not mean it is above serious critique. So with saying all of that, i want to again say thank you. IHOP (though i don’t agree with EVERYTHING you all do) has consistently been balanced in your ministry and this movement is no different. I have long been blessed by the ministry and it is a Bethel for me in my life. I also know that with people like you on the leadership staff, i am confident it will not go down the route so many “moves of God” have gone; into emotional manipulation. So may the move of God continue and may the real, substantial fruit continue.
    Maybe next time i am in KC we can finally meet 🙂 Blessings on you and your family.

  4. I would like to point out that while I am very blessed by Randy’s thoughts and comments, he did use a smiley face in his text. I am still quite taken back by that, but I will recover.

  5. […] of God, I’ll point you to my friend Randy Bohlender’s blog this morning where he notes this is God because that isn’t typical for Wes. On November 11, during a 9:00am class of first-year students, led by Allen Hood and Wes Hall at […]

  6. It’s nice to see extended meetings in a place with multiple quality worship leaders. It takes away a bit of the cult of personality that often surrounds these sorts of things.

    I agree. It is great to see many different worship leaders, prayer leaders, baptism leaders, etc. I pray htat everyone stays open to the leadership of the Holy Spirit.

  7. […] going on at the IHOP website. Plus, you can go read a couple of great posts by Zack Hensley and Randy Bohlender  with some further thoughts on the meetings. As I consider what has already been said, along with […]

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