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It’s About Participation

Often times I hear from people who are moved by the message of adoption but are not in a place in life where adoption is an option.  They may have read something or heard Kelsey or I speak.  They end up feeling more condemned than encouraged…because it’s not possible for them to adopt at this time.

I want to let them (and you) in on a little secret.  I don’t think everyone is supposed to adopt.  I think more people are supposed to than are willing to think about it, but I also know there are people who are fully supportive and yet are not supposed to participate in the adoption movement in that way.

At the same time…there is room for everyone to participate in adoption.  Here are a couple of ways you can get in the game, even if now is not the season for you to bring a child into your home.

Become an adoptive grandparent.

Find an adoptive family in your sphere who may not have a lot of family support and pronounce yourself family.  Do the fun stuff that grandparents can do and parents can’t afford.  Show up with a surprise from the dollar store.  Send cards with a couple of bucks in it.  Single out a family to love in tangible ways.  Particularly in our transient culture, people often live far away from the sorts of people who used to do these things for them.

Use your pulpit.

Don’t skip this just because you’re not a pastor.  Everyone has a pulpit.  Maybe a better way to describe it is a platform.  A blog, a small group, a friend captive in your car on a long drive.  Talk about adoption.  Tell them why it’s important.  Let it hang awkwardly as your married friends wrestle with the fact that behind closed doors, they have this discussion over and over again.

Invest your finances.

Why should you help someone else adopt?  Don’t people have a responsibility to pay for the expenses of their family?  Yes….and no.    The needs of the widows and orphans rest on the whole of the church.  Most families incur huge expenses in adopting.  By pitching in your 2 cents or 2 grand, you are living in obedience.

Truthfully, you have the most to gain.  Yes, your funds matter, but in the grand scheme of things, the adoptive family is going to be buying tennis shoes, lunch tickets, tuition and book bags until the cows come home.  Get in on the ground floor of this investment and know for the rest of your life that you helped set that child in the place God had for them.  That’s a pretty good return on investment.

Recently, a young man in his early 20’s approached me. He’d been saving for a long time and wanted to invest in adoption.  Expecting him to hand me a couple of twenties, he wrote out a check to The Zoe Foundation for $1200, which we will in turn give to families to help with adoption expenses.   He walked away on top of the world.  He was a part of the grand conspiracy to rob the enemy of orphans.

Not everyone is going to adopt….but everyone can participate.  Don’t let your inability to take in a child stop you from being a part of it.


10 Responses

  1. I am thankful God placed it on your heart to share this. Thank you for giving me something about which to think and pray.

    For His glory,

  2. This is funny. I just sat down at my computer to blog about this very thing, and here you beat me to it!

    One thing I would add is that the idea of helping with the adoption expenses is a romantic idea, but helping with the day in, day out expenses is much less so. And yet, isn’t that just as much a part of helping with the adoption movement? If we say we would adopt if we could, and yet can’t find the funds to help raise orphans in another household, do we really mean it? I would like to challenge people unable to adopt right now to not only help with the expense of bringing these kids home, but of helping with the expenses of raising them, as well.

    Just my two cents…

  3. I love this. My heart is so for adoption, even though I am not a place to adopt right now. My husband and I have 2 adopted children. One of them is legally adopted and the other one is one we spiritually adopted after we felt like the Lord told us to make her a part of our family. She is an unsaved single mom with 2 girls. Our youngest granddaughter was 4 months old wen we adopted them all. They are as much a part of our family as the children I gave birth to and the one we legally adopted. I can not imagine my life without them in it. Our other children also call them sister/nieces. What a blessing they have been. By the way, this is the first community that we have lived in that really understands this as a reality. Thank you IHOP and Hannah’s Dream/Zoe Foundation.


  4. Yes! Become an adoptive grandparent — to our kids!! Our children have Gramma who lives with us, but both grandfathers died years ago and they have no uncles or aunts. So there ya go, an opportunity : )

  5. great article. we are one of those who are not in the position of adopting, but are raising one of our grandcildren, who is disabled. you have given me ideas for helping within our ability to do so. we also sponsor thru World Vision; one of our kids is an orphan due to the AIDA crisis in Africa. I like the idea of helping a local family by being a surrogate grandma. thanks for the tips. off to Dollar King!

  6. Preach. It.

  7. This is so important! There are sooo many ways to be involved! Everyone needs some sort of help!
    We are actually in the process of adopting right now! Shortly after we made the decision, I woke up hearing ‘ All can, not all are appointed to!’ over and over…it truly caused any fear I had to flee, knowing we are “appointed” for this!

  8. Kelsey: Do you see my hand waving frantically in the air??? Pick me! Pick me!

  9. Coolness. Like seriously. 🙂 That “Use Your Pulpit” part: I feel like that’s totally now for me. Especially (<—strong emphasis) the droppin' it and lettin' it hang awkwardly with the married friends! 😉 It's great though because I know it's what God is calling me to do in this season–to be a voice (use my platform).

    And the investing part: it's true! You DON'T have to be older that what you are with a better job than you do.
    If God tells you to give, whatever the amount may be, ignore any excuse that will surface (too young, don't have the money, ect…) and DO IT. It IS worth it!

  10. Yes, Yes, and YES! Everyone does have a part to play. I am a single woman in the process of adopting my 2 foster sons (4 and 2). (We hope to have it official by Christmas!)
    Anyway…just this week I was sick the flu. I could relate to your post…SO sorry. About 48 hours into the flu I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to get my boys dinner or put them to bed. I called one of my wonderful babysitters. In tears I took her up on the offer she gave me earlier in the day to come and get them. Her response still blesses me. Between my blubbers she said, “ok I’ll be right there.” And she was! She kept the boys for the next 72 hours until I was strong enough to have them come back (which was just last night).

    She and her family don’t feel called to adopt now, but they LOVE the boys; and in addition to babysitting them for me 2.5 days/week, often serve in the ways I described above.

    There is most certainly a place for everyone! Go for it! These children are soooo worth it!

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