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Wheels of Faith

Thanks for everyone who’s expressed concern for (or shock that) I have been seen driving the mighty Montero.   Here’s how it all shook out.

While Mechanic #2 was unable to find the short in the wiring harness, he also found himself unable to recreate the problem after a few days of testing.  In other words, it was acting up on him for a while…but quit.

I drove it back from his shop wincing at every tar strip or pot hole, just sure that one of these would jiggle the wiring to the point of shorting out and I’d be left by the roadside.  It ran perfectly.  Since then, I’ve taken several trips, each time wondering if I’d make it home.  So far, I have.

Now this is an interesting conundrum.  I have a perfectly good vehicle (as perfect as 175,000 miles can be anyway) that will either run flawlessly or leave me dead in the water, but I don’t know which one until it’s too late.  And just as bad, there’s no use taking it to a third mechanic because it’s not actually failing me.  It’s like the truck has a silent resident demon that I’m waiting to re-manifest.

As an act of good faith, I put fifteen gallons of gas in it this morning.  Prudence said ‘put in five’….but I wanted to send a message to the truck.  “I believe in you.  You will live and not die.”


3 Responses

  1. Put some lifetape on the grill as well.

  2. Oh, how I hate diagnosing intermittent problems. Here’s hoping (and praying) that’s the end of it!

  3. put that car through a fire tunnel!!!

    HO!!! Shabba! galoraaaaaay!!!!!

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