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    We do what we do as missionaries supported by people like you.

    We also prefer to give away as much content as we can, and not cloud that issue with a lot of public requests. That said, we do have specific needs that are met by people who believe the work we do has value.

    If you'd like a short list of immediate financial needs, you can find it HERE.


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What you’re missing on Twitter

The experts who know such things assure me that there are upwards of 400 people in the United States who still refuse to use Twitter.  Of these 400, some are incarcerated and the balance live in Arkansas. (Statistics are slightly skewed by those actually incarcerated in Arkansas who may count as two…).

My gut says the bulk of this blog’s readers find it via my twitter or facebook , but if you don’t, here’s a few pictures you missed recently, along with a more-than-140-character summary, which will allow you to talk about it down at the VFW hall with a greater authority than those who only saw the twitter link.


Two Times the Funny

The twins are growing at a ridiculous rate.   They  have a strange, innate understanding of the concept of ‘divide and conquer’.   When they are awake – which is more often than not – it takes one person full time to avert a mutiny.

Recent pastimes are standing on the chairs you see them sitting in here, opening the fridge, and antiphonal squealing.


I’m in Wheel Twubble

My beloved Montero is in it’s second shop in ten days.  Zoe and I are pictured here a week ago Thursday, when at 40mph (uphill, in the rain, in traffic) the blessed white Mitsubishi went dead stick on me.   I coasted to a rarely used turning lane and called our insurance company for a tow.   In this photo, we’re waiting.

Turns out it had blown the master fuse.   After five days at the shop, my mechanic admitted “Uh, I don’t know.  I’m stumped.”   I located a second shop and attempted to drive the truck there, but I fried it again.  The truck has gone  175,000 miles and never left me set…and suddenly it’s on the hook twice in a week.

This is a major emotional and financial bummer for me. I have an irrational affection for this vehicle. It still looks great, and when not blowing the master fuse, runs great.  I don’t want a different vehicle. This truck has a lot going for it.  Style. 4wd. And no auto loan.   Now to get it fixed…

graysonGrayson and the Odorous Disaster.

Grayson came home from the CRI training last Sunday afternoon.  He’d spent 4 days in the cold rain and mud learning disaster relief.  He unpacked his bags and climbed into bed.  A few days later, we noticed an odor in his room.

We have three boys.  We are not strangers to odors.  This one, however, could have peeled the quills off a porcupine.

After a day of “it’ll get better…” and it not getting better, we started searching.  All the laundry in the room: Gone.  Any food: Gone.  Wet towels: Gone.  Still, the smell remained.  Finally Kelsey noticed that he’d hung a cheap rain poncho on his bunk bed.  It smelled like a dead animal.  We tossed it, opened up the windows, and the smell nearly left.

Later, he casually mentioned “It was cold and we didn’t have had warmers, so we grabbed a few extra hard boiled eggs at dinner.”

“Uh, where did you put those?”

“In my poncho pockets.”

I see.  That explains it.


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