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Looking Forward

Just a few weeks ago, we took time to reflect on ten years of night and day prayer here in Kansas City.

It would be understandable if, at the ten year mark, people were ready to lean back and rest for a moment.  Mike Bickle took eight sessions over three days to retell the prophetic history of night and day prayer in Kansas City.    Note – all the mp3s are available for FREE DOWNLOAD.

We’d heard many of the stories before, but to hear them at this point – and put ourselves on the time line – had a huge impact on us.  It’s funny….our family has been here since 2003, but it’s still possible to feel like ‘the new guys’, when in reality we’ve been here for six of the ten years that prayer has been going on around the clock….and you know what?  We’re energized.

We’re energized because of what we’re seeing on the Missions Base. To say IHOP-KC has grown in the six years we’ve been here would be a vast understatement  Every few months, a new set of internships start with hundreds of people, young and old, setting aside their regular schedule to plumb the depths what God has for them.  Some stay on as permanent staff, but many return home to help share what they’ve learned, serve local churches, go on to foreign missions, or plant outposts of  prayer around the globe.  Stay or go, these people build the greater prayer movement!

We’re energized with the new Justice Initiative. On the final night of the celebration, Mike challenged IHOP to match it’s 24/7 prayers for justice with 24/7 acts of justice.   Strategies are being put in place that will mobilize our entire community in projects that will bring the Kingdom of God in practical ways to the hurting and needy.   Some of these projects include:

  • Dedicating a large part of our real estate to a Women’s Center, providing housing and care to women who are in need.
  • Further development of the Orphan Justice Center that will care for the undocumented minors who are brought to the US in the sex trafficking business.
  • Embracing adoption at a whole new level with an in-house adoption agency that serves our community and a substantially lower cost – and coaches other churches and houses of prayer to do the same.
  • Partnering with CRI to bring prayer, healing and practical helps to disaster zones.

At the close of the service, Kelsey and I – as well as other leaders – joined Mike on stage to dedicate ourselves to this justice initiative from a place of prayer.  It’s not prayer or works, it’s both…until the return of Christ brings perfect justice to the earth.

On that monumental night, the IHOP friends and staff joined together in an offering to give $470,000 towards these efforts.   We’ve never been more proud to be missionaries at IHOP.   The people we serve with are among the most generous that we’ve ever known.

Thanks to all of you who help us continue on in night and day prayer – and justice efforts – by your sacrificial gifts of finances, encouragement and moral support.  We are honored to be here and honored to represent you.

Randy & Kelsey


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  1. Randy, it’s *so* fun to see the photos of your gorgeous kids! Please give Kelsey a big kiss from me– I miss y’all and think about you all the time. There’s no place like IHOP.

    love, Anita

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