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Randomonium: Sunday Morning Edition

After several thousand words of seriousness, it’s time for the ever popular Randomonium post.

When I got Zoe out of her bed this morning, she was rubbing her eyes and announcing “Daddy….we missed a day!”  Apparently she thought she’d slept through an entire day.  Been there….although usually I feel like I’ve missed a night.

Having put new license plates on the Montero, a quart of oil in the crankcase, and twenty four gallons of gasoline in the tank, I’m a little afraid it will get stolen.  It’s now worth twice what it was before I made these investments.

Zion had two soccer games this week.  They lost the first to a team of Nephilim on Thursday night in a blow out of eschatalogical proportion.   I think it was 6-1.  Saturday afternoon they won by one goal against a team closer to their size.

For the first time ever, we live in proximity with our kids’ friends and they range like a pack from house to house.  They’re not within walking distance, but it’s close.  Saturday we hosted kids all day and into the night, when Jackson was making pancakes for his friend and a tribe of Grayson’s buddies.  It’s a blast to see them grow up.

I am presently sitting backstage at FCF on the ‘speaker side’, taunting those on the ‘band side’ with news of McDonald’s breakfasts.   It is so sad to see how easily musicians are motivated.  Sitting here, thinking about all it takes to make a Sunday morning happen, and realizing I’d rather work the parking lot in December than run sound any weekend of the year.  Then again, if they let me run sound one weekend, I’d be vanquished to the parking lot pretty quickly.

And a word about those parking lot attendants who save us a coveted ‘cone spot’ near the door because of all our little kids…..we rise up and call you blessed.   And to the people who say “wow – I wish I had seven kids so I could park near the door”, I say verily, verily, you are a short sighted generation.

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  1. Great post Randy and it made me laugh! I loved watching you and Ben Wood’s conversation through Twitter about the McDonalds vs Bran Muffins. 🙂 Great layout on the twins and Zoe as well. My wife loves reading them with me.

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