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When you play with fire, you’re gonna have fun.

We had a crazy weekend.  I actually welcomed Monday with open arms, thinking it would feel great to get back into the groove.

This evening we worked together as a family to clear some brush near the front of The Compound.  Let me just say….I love this property.  It’s not the prettiest yard in the world, but the combination of the stone walls at various points, the goofy concrete lions, the gate, the trees…. I love it.

The Compound sits on roughly an acre, which isn’t huge, but the house itself is on a bit of a knob, with all but one of the surrounding houses considerably lower than ours.  It means the view’s a little better than you might get in town, and you can look down over your neighbor’s privacy fence and remind them that your toilets are higher than their sinks.  Have a nice day.

After clearing brush, of course, we had a brush pile….so we did what anyone else would want to do – enjoyed a small fire with marshmellows and hot dogs.  I would probably never have done this at any other house, but this is The Compound.  It’s meant for danger.

I found an old concrete planter and we converted it into a portable burn pit.  I did a grocery run and by the time I nosed the Montero back through the gate, Kelsey had a good fire going.

2009-09-28_19.59.26Zion strummed his guitar, we all sang, and we all laughed when he freestyled a blues song that ended with his shouting into the night “Thank you, Tri State area!”.

I kept glancing down the driveway expecting for a fireman to walk up from the gate in full turnout gear, but they never came.  Apparently our neighbors are learning that the new folks are the sort that are going to have a fire once in a while…and not to worry when the little boys sit on the lions waiving bows and arrows.

A good time was had by all.   It also got me thinking about building a proper burn platform for bigger fires…


3 Responses

  1. When I was in college, I used to hang out with a group of guys that lived on 33 acres on the outskirts of Dallas. We affectionately referred to the place as Sonshine Ranch and Hippie Farm. It was a calvalcade of musicians, poets, and disenfranchised youth with no where else to go. The guys that lived there were preacher’s kids. So there was the occasional bible study, but more often there was the occasional bonfire. They started small. The guys would try and jump the fire. Then our fires got bigger. And we started throwing things in it (did you know that cans of fix-a-flat blow up purple?). The last fire we had before the guy’s parent’s sold the property was epic. Somebody had scavenged a telephone pole. There was a shed on the property where we covered the walls in poetry. Now there’s a huge strip mall where the farm once stood. I wouldn’t be who I am today were it not for those long nights out by the fire. I miss that place. Savor the moments bro. Fires rock.

  2. I heartily agree to the proper burn platform and to bigger fires 🙂 Love yea chief

  3. we have a great burn pile at the top of our hill. the firefighters DID show up one afternoon, too much smoke and they put it out. they did “unofficially” tell us it’s okay to have cooking fires in the city. Just make sure to have some food around whenever you build one. . . .

    have fun!

    the harrigan clan

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