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Approaching Mile Marker 42

Upon the approach of my forty second birthday, I am feeling rather reflective…and hereby share my reflections with you.

It has been the year of years.  We have seen more change in the last year than any other year of our lives.  For a couple who has lived in eighteen homes in twenty years, this is quite the statement, but consider…

I stage managed colossal events on the National Mall in DC and the Charger’s stadium in San Diego.  The Zoe Foundation held events in Cincinnati, Kansas City, and Colorado Springs.

We moved…into a house we renovated…in the dead of winter.  We have learned that a 70+ year old house means everything is an adventure.

A year ago, we had four children.  Today, we have seven.  We have not all gone somewhere together since the day Piper was born because…uh, we can’t fit.  And what the dot com world described as the ‘burn rate’ has risen at a frightful rate.  Had we not filled our home with children, I’m not sure I’d have the faith to continue, but I have a hunch that God’s got His eye on us.

Oh, and we started an adoption agency.  I won’t go into the whole story right now, but through a series of God ordained circumstances, Hannah’s Dream Adoptions is in the provisional licensing process right now and will be entirely good to go later this year.

HannahsDreamLogoThis last piece – the agency – has had even me shaking my head.

Understand, we are starters.  We start stuff.

In the past ten years, a church in one city, a school in another, a foundation, an eschatology-based small group curriculum (that was just translated into Korean!).  We didn’t start out to be starters – meaning, we never intended on it – we just found ourselves starting whatever we needed.

My good rule of thumb in starting something new has always been “Has anyone dumber than me done this before?”  If so, I figure I can find a way.  Now, with this adoption agency, I think we’re on thin ice…but we’ve gotta try.

Hannah’s Dream is named for the Biblical story of Hannah, who placed Samuel in the house of the Lord – allowed him to be adopted, in a sense, into the ministry.  We are actively going to be helping women redeem what is often a very hard situation by placing their child into the hands of God as represented by believing moms and dads.

So, here I am…at Mile Marker 42, driving what feels like a metaphorical school bus, albeit with racing slicks and a supercharger.   I didn’t start out with the idea that it would be like this.  It’s way scarier.  Way crazier. Way more everything that keeps you up at night and gets you up in the morning.

Hammer down. It’s all I know how to do.


4 Responses

  1. Love it! Especially this part:

    My good rule of thumb in starting something new has always been “Has anyone dumber than me done this before?”

    I admire you and Kelsey. Though I don’t even know you. (Well I guess I do through the virtual world-of your tweets)God uses you both to speak crazy dreams in to my life. Thanks for listening to Him and blazing the path for those of crazy enough to follow!

  2. You guys freakin rock. Over the last seven years my husband and I have lived in 4 different countries, 3 different states, 13 different addresses, and a camper in the Colorado winter, but I’ve never went from 4 to 7 kids in a year so I think you have us beat! 🙂 You guys are pioneers and I appreciate you paving the way for a lot of us in the adoption/larger-than-the-average-family journey. I know I’m called to have at least 7 kids (some adopted) and reading your blog reminds me that it is possible! Will your agency be doing international adoptions as well as domestic?

  3. My gosh I love you guys…..and I don’t even know you.

  4. Randy and Kelsey- you not only inspire me, but your story gives me faith in the Lord’s promise for the generation of His return (Malachi 4:6). I am 23 yrs. old and recently my brother and sister-in-law are no longer able to provide for a home for my two precious nieces and so they are now living with my mom, step-dad, and myself. This has happened in the midst of difficult circumstances, but I had been asking for the Lord’s heart for the ‘fatherless’ relating to my own experiences with my dad leaving me at a young age, and as a 23 year, what part He wanted me to play. When I read your story, I feel as though it is a piece of thread in a beautiful tapestry God is weaving in His story to put Jesus on display. Never have the crescendo of great terror and great glory approaching made so much sense to me- Great glory not only speaks to me now of signs, wonders, healings, and miracles- but in the midst of pressures increasing (physical,financial, spiritual) and the love of many growing cold, the selfless love of Christ demonstrated in taking in the fatheless and giving of yourself till you realize you can’t give anymore, and only Jesus is left to give all!
    Thank you both!

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