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Next up for The Zoe Foundation

/spanish on/Hola, amigos!/spanish off/

If you’ve been checking this blog you may have wondered if we were still alive. We are…as are our 16 year old, 12 year old, 8 year old, 2 year old, 10 month old twins, and 3 week old infant. Let the reader understand. It’s been a crazy – but great – summer. If you’ve been following on what David Letterman refers to as ‘the Twitter’, you have a little better picture of what realtimespace looks like for us. Mostly a blur. A diaperous blur.

Don’t let blog inactivity lead you to think nothing’s going on….in fact, just the opposite.

I wanted to post this to give you a peek at something we’re rolling out with The Zoe Foundation as a way of churches to get involved in the adoption movement.

We’re challenging churches to sign on as Zoe Picture 3churches – not a book club or a subscription, but a commitment to the proactivist perspective of LIFE. We’re not looking to extend our name – ‘Zoe churches’ just became a simple moniker for like minded congregations that we want to help. It’s a way for us to walk out our commitment to helping local churches fulfill the calling to adopt.

Here’s what it all means…

A Zoe Church Prays Regularly for the Adoption Movement

We believe that prayer is the most practical thing a church can do in furthering God’s purposes.

A Zoe Church will include adoption in it’s regular prayer concerns – during services, at prayer meetings, whenever the saints gather to call on God. Praying for a spirit of adoption moves God’s heart as well as keeps our heart tender toward these things.

The Zoe Foundation can provide the local church with specific prayer points, real-life families to pray for, and updates on results of these prayer initiatives. We can also be a clearinghouse for your own adoption related prayer needs – you can unleash an army of prayer for your adoptive families by connecting with The Zoe Foundation.

A Zoe Church Provides Congregation With Information on Adoption Resources and Opportunities

There are countless people in your community who would like to adopt but don’t know where to start. Additionally, many of the resources they find during internet searches are thinly disguised sales pitches from people looking to profit from the burden God has put on people’s hearts. By helping sort fact from fiction, the local church can help build families in a concrete way.

A Zoe Church will provide solid, practical, easy to understand resources to help people adopt.

The Zoe Foundation is constantly gathering information on adoption resources in your area to compile into online and printable resource. Zoe Churches will get regular, updated information specific to their area, including occasional emergency placements that your home study ready families may be interested in adopting.

A Zoe Church Publishes Adoption Stories in it’s Newsletters and other Publications

Facts convince people of things but stories move their hearts to action. Every church has a newsletter, an email blast, a bulletin or some written form of communication that can be used to keep the spirit of adoption in front of the church body.

A Zoe Church will use their forms of written communication to spread the spirit of adoption.

The Zoe Foundation will be a resource for stories as well as make predesigned bulletin inserts available for you to customize with your own logos, contact information or service times. You add a few details to make it your own.

A Zoe Church Promotes a Zoe Weekend Celebrating Adoption

Most of the American church is ardently prolife, but are not sure how to engage in the debate in a way that feels constructive and proactive.

Once a year, each Zoe church focuses on the issue of adoption as a positive alternative to abortion. Suggested activities would be a Zoe Foundation fundraiser, a special sermon on the issue of adoption, or inviting adults who were adopted to share what it means to them to have been given a chance they might not have had.

The Zoe Foundation will provide how toʼs, follow up information or even a speaker to maximize the impact on your congregation.

OK. I’m in. Now what?

Talk to your pastor – or forward this post to him – and offer to be the contact person for being a Zoe church. Then start plotting how your congregation to walk out these four pieces…and let us know specifically how we can help you. We’ll keep the information flowing so we can all learn from one another.

You can register your church by following the links from www.thezoefoundation.com

looking forward to taking LIFE-giving to a whole new level,



6 Responses


  2. What can I say? Praise God- for the life-giving act of adoption.

  3. This is so inspired! Love it.

  4. What a wonderful idea – Zoe Churches! Will be praying that the idea catches on like a Holy Spirit-inspired wild fire!!! Will be passing the blog post along and praying that hearts are stirred. : )

    Mrs. I

    P.S. Wondering if you are going to “unprotect” your Twitter at some point. Missing the daily updates, but still able to follow Kelsey.

  5. I’ve told (and sent this to) my pastor–even though I am just getting to the church! And remember, I am here in the RAINBOW CITY region and would be happy to do any of your legwork in the South!

  6. Ready for this movement to sweep the South like never before! Thanks for the message on where this was. Looking forward to more information! 🙂

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