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Knowing our place.

Like Jackson did at her age, Zoe is learning the principle of the filibuster.    If you’re not familiar with this governmental maneuver, it is used in the Senate and House of Representatives to maintain control of the floor of the debate simply by refusing to quit talking.  At 2 years old, Jackson would talk very, very slowly…almost stopp….ing, and when we would interject a comment (or heaven forbid change the subject) he would quickly insist “I was still talking!”.

photoRather than drag the debate out on the back side, Zoe is mastering the slow lead in.  She will do whatever it takes to capture my attention, whether she needs it or not….just in case.   Especially in the evening, as bed time approaches, I will hear her start.  “Uhhhhhhh……Papa?”

“Yes, Zoe.”

Insert random question here, wait 3 seconds.



As bed time gets nearer, the Uhhhhh…..Papa?” cycle grows shorter and shorter.  By the time I carry her little frame up the hardwood stairs to the room she shares with her sisters, I can count on a machine gun affect.   “Uhhhh….Papa?” comes about every four steps.

If you haven’t guessed, I love it.  I take great joy in Zoe asking me for anything. Information. Opinion. Provision. Predicate the request with an “Uhhhh….Papa?” and I’m 90% of the way to a yes.

I just started (re)reading E.W. Kenyon’s In His Presence. I cycle through it about every two years and find it challenging and inspiring each time.  His writing style is unique – even strange – with most paragraphs being one sentence long.  It’s almost more of a bullet list than a narrative.  I stop about every fifth sentence/paragraph having taken a bullet point to the heart.

His first chapter so spoke to me this morning about the parent/child nature of our walk with God.  He writes of the God-hunger in the heart of humanity being fully matched by the Child-hunger in the heart of God.  For a minute there, I found myself longing for some sort of way to respond to that….to the idea that as much as I want Him, He wants me.   I found a glimpse of the confidence before Him that I hope Zoe has before me all the days of her life.

I uttered the equivalent of an “Uhhhhh….Papa?”, knowing that my words were being heard in a way I had never before imagine.

5 Responses

  1. That is so beautiful!

  2. Randy/Kelsey:

    I’ve had this thought several times in the past few days and I feel God wants to share it with you. It’s this:

    When we undertook Rizpah, with all its attendant dreams and prophetic experiences – which were hard but I would not trade one of them away for anything – you had four kids – three biological boys and one Zoey. At the end of the Rizpah siege – which I believe the Biblical account was barley harvest to winter rain – about six months – you had 7 kids, because Kels was newly pregnant with Piper and you had the twinnies by then. (Rather than this being at the time of the Call DC in August, the Biblical season would have run out around the time of the Call Cali 11/1).

    What is interesting to me is that Rizpah tended to seven children, both her biological sons and also children who were not hers, during her siege on the conscience of King David.

    Anyway, I think God was giving you a DIRECT reward for your dedication to the vision of the Rizpah with your tiny trifecta, a miracle that only He could have done.

    Rizpah watched after seven children – some not her own – yet she tended to all seven with the same zeal and dedication. You started Rizpah with 4 children and at the end of the Rizpah season, you had 7 children, some not biologically born.

    Coincidence? or Godincidence?

  3. I was reading Kenyon’s “the Father and His Family” some 24-25 yrs ago. At the beginning he made a statement…”you are responsible to bring God’s children into this earth”..this simple revelation opened my heart to receive or allow conception(up to then we were gonna be rapured in 1988 so why have kids) of my son John-Scott, which you now have at IHOP..
    All the word and love you re pouring into those precious kids will come back to you in honor..the ughh Papas are sweet..

  4. rapured…rapTured …taken away

  5. Oh, that we would talk to our Papa in heaven in the same way…

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