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A Different Drummer

This evening, the older boys were at the ATC service so Zion had a buddy over.  Once his friend left, we walked up the driveway together and couldn’t help but notice the stars.  Kansas City has a fair amount of light pollution – we don’t see nearly the array that I grew up looking at – but tonight things seemed exceptionally clear.  In an unscripted father-son moment, we found ourselves lying flat on our back on the sidewalk in front of The Compound. looking into the great beyond.  And talking.

Zion is an amazing kid, athletic, musical…but he’s not always a conversationalist.  He lets his soccer gear, his drumsticks or guitar strings do most of his talking.  When he does break radio silence, it’s usually for a one liner so dry that you have to think twice.  He’s just that kind of kid.  You can imagine my delight, then, when he started to chatter on and on, excited about identifying the Big Dipper and insisting he saw a shooting star.  “Dad, I saw  one!  It was streaming fire!”  and “Look, I’m sure that one is Pluto!”.   I just let him talk, almost afraid that to interject a comment of my own would knock the planets out of alignment and he’d clam up again.

Zion’s always reminded me a little of the boy from August Rush.  Not just because he’s a musician, but because there’s clearly a lot going on under the surface….and secretely, I suspect he’s picking up on vibes that the rest of us are giving off without even knowing it.  His spirit just hums with activity generated by sound tangible only to him.

17968583-4a30a65306f229917fc42fbdf9282837.4a629a53-fullShelley Paulson spent most of Friday at our house, doing a sort of Day in the Life of the Bohlenders photo documentary.   Of course, she took a ton of pictures of little Piper, another ton of the comical twins, and who knows how many of Zoe’s dramatic curls and even more dramatic demeanor.

The photos she seemed most excited about, though, were taken of Zion…first, in the basement as he pounded out a beat on his drums, then later as he parked it on the stairs and played his guitar.

bohlender37Over three years ago, Shelley took this shot of him on his first drum kit.  He’s sporting a lot more hair these days, but he still plays with the ‘too cool to look’ style he had back then.  To lay the old set of photos next to the new ones is going to be a lot of fun.

Tonight’s sidewalk time, looking out into the Milky Way, was a gift from God.  As deep as we were seeing into the cosmos, it was neat to listen to my son and enjoy a rare look deep into his heart.


One Response

  1. I just love your heart Randy. I spent eight months at IHOP back in 2005 and don’t remember ever seeing the Big Dipper. When I take my puppy out at night way up here in Peterborough Ontario Canada, my favorite thing is the Big Dipper right over head, ever since childhood, I must confess. It’s just so cool that you took time to share with your son a wonderful moment under the stars. Plus the fact that you guys can see it in KC makes me feel even closer to the Prayer Room, though live streaming makes it also possible. Anyway, bless you and your ever growing family. Piper sure is a Bohlender, such a beauty, and more pics would be great. Rich blessings on the family.

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