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To Answer Your Question…

As we’re trying to figure out life with seven kids – particularly 4 kids under 3 years old – we’re hearing a reoccurring question:  “So….how are you guys making it?”  This post probably won’t trim down the number of questions that are asked in person, but hopefully it’ll give our friends ‘out there’ a little window into life right now.

We are making it.

Piper contributes much to the family in the way of joy, but little in the way of structure.  She is a slow eater, meaning that when Kelsey gets up to nurse in the middle of the night, it takes a while…hence her random 3am Facebook entries.

Little Piper came at an opportune time.  Opportune, that is, for the twins, who in recent weeks are increasingly mobile.  Anna and Mercy seem to have a couple of common goals in life:  Get into the fireplace, sneak through the double doors into the office, or maintain control of a certain pink bunny rattle.  They coordinate on the first two goals but are bifurcated in their efforts on the third.  They’re a real handful, rarely stay where they’re put, and are expert at charming you into forgetting that you just moved them to safety 30 seconds ago and you’re doing it again.

Zoe is enamored with Baby Piper.  She regularly reminds us that she is here to ‘take care of her…’, brings her toys, etc.  Yesterday, Grandma took Zoe to the park where she met a little girl her age also named Piper. Of course, Zoe insisted on calling her ‘Baby Piper’, which caused a bit of a playground riff that was later overcome.

Zion is doing IHOP’s Signs and Wonders camp right now with his homeboy Samuel Judah Engle.  Once they’re done, I assume they’ll return to their post on the concrete lions in front of The Compound, where they compare scars, plan airsoft wars, and debate the benefits of Madden 09.

Grayson has done track 1 of the Awakening Teen Camp.  He loved it, but also enjoyed the 2 week break in between….now he’s gearing up for track 2 starting Monday.   He’s had a fantastic counselor and made some good friends.

Jackson went after his role as ATC Transportation Czar with a vengeance and has become rather adept at navigating airport schedules, spreadsheets, surly shuttle drivers and random 1am phone calls from Egypt from a group who heard he was the man who could get them from the airport to IHOP.  He’s also managed to keep The Compound yard from going totally indigenous.   It’s not a golf course, but it would be a lot worse without his efforts.

Kelsey is recovering from labor, sleeping when she can and enduring when she can’t.  She is a great mom – a fact reflected by how the kids respond to her.  Last night, Zion protested going to Sonic for a late night Route 44 Mango Limeade because Mama was too tired to go along. (He was eventually coaxed into the truck but it was not without significant disappointment).

We’re blessed to have two sources of help – for example, my mom, who has lived with us for many years, took Zoe out for a few hours yesterday and often does early morning twin duty when I go to the 6am prayer meeting.  We also have a helper, Katrina, who’s in the house for a few hours most days.  She has been with us since before Christmas and become like family, which is to say she endures the same sort of teasing from me that the others do.

All that to say we’re still standing.  Tired. Happy.  Curious about how we do this but satisfied to have vanquished boredom for decades to come.


4 Responses

  1. Glad to hear the update! 🙂

  2. This was awesome and just what my “HOW IN THE WORLD ARE THEY DOING THIS”? thought needed answered! THankS!
    Meg and I were reminiscing on the first benefit dinner at Californo’s! How much has transpired since then! Its been awesome to be a part of the tapestry that God is weaving and has brougt many Very LOUD LOL’s!!
    Bless you guys!

  3. We love having two boys and sometimes they seem like a handful. I can only imagine what it 3X that is like.
    Of course, as my wife and I discuss adoption…We might join you guys in shear numbers.

    We are praying for you guys.

    -a stranger named don

  4. mmm Sonic 🙂

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