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Dawn over Overland Park

I’m in our hospital room, perched on a couch and looking out our third story view across Overland Park.   This part of town was definitely meant to be viewed from ground level, where it’s all glass, brick and wood, mission style architecture.   From 36 feet up, it’s all rooftop a/c units and power lines.  It’s funny what perspective does.

I’ve got jazz playing in my earbuds and am drinking a cup of hospital coffee.  I’d like to say I’m enjoying a cup of hospital coffee, but that would take it to a level I’m not ready to commit to.   I slept fairly well on this torture chamber of a couch, probably better than Kelsey did in her bed.

Little Piper is having a bit of a tough time keeping her blood sugar and her temperature up where it belongs.  As the nurses say, “She’s just so little!”.  She’s been in the NICU unit for an hour or so under the warmer, where her temp has improved.  She wasn’t that interested in eating (she looks like us, so we know she’s a Bohlender, but this makes us wonder….), but we’re going to take another run at it at 6:30.   Please pray this goes well.

Yesterday afternoon/evening we had  a nice, steady trickle of visitors, which we loved.

IMG_7503My mom, Katrina, Christina and Jill brought our kids over….shortly after the birth we had all seven kids and four helpers in the room.  It actually went very well – the twins are a little oblivious to what this all means, but Zoe was very, very welcoming of Piper, reminding us several times “She’s not a dolly.  She’s Piper.  She’s real.”   I’m going to write that on a post-it.  Note to self:  She’s not a dolly.  She’s real.  The boys were smitten with her, as they are with all their sisters.

Annie Peterson brought a menagerie of food that was a sort of ‘best of’ meal, like what you’d eat if you had time to go from place to place and get the best stuff. It must have taken her 5x as long as it took us to eat it – thank you, Annie!

We’ll be here until tomorrow, then it’s back to whatever normal is for us.  We’re looking forward to it, although right now, the jazz in the earbuds and the dawn over Overland Park make for a nice little morning too.

If only I could address the coffee deficiency.


4 Responses

  1. Standing in prayer with you bro. Some folks are just a little slow getting started.

  2. Will be praying for Piper!

    Happy Anniversary! 20 years ago, I bet you didn’t think you’d be holding a newborn in your arms as you celebrated 20 years together!

  3. Congratulations! and Happy Anniversary! We are excited for you all!

  4. So how do you like your coffee?
    I’m not in KC so I won’t be bringing you a cup,
    but well . . . you know.

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