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summer days…

I’m not sure how it got to be the end of June.  I understand the earth’s rotation and it’s relationship to the sun and all that, but it still seems like it came awfully quick.   Given Kels’ condition – the last few weeks of pregnancy – she may not see this the same way I do.

We had her final doctor’s appointment yesterday – it was so much fun to see the ultrasound of little Piper, who we shall know so much better (and see so much clearer) in the next few days.  If she has not gone into labor by Sunday evening, we’ll check in to the hospital and they’ll begin to induce.

Last night was spent sitting out in front of The Compound with the twins in their bouncies and Zoe running back and forth, working up her courage to actually step into the sprinkler (which she eventually did, after much coaxing).    After the heat wave we’ve had for the last week – some of which we endured without air condition, as our unit’s control board fritzed out – it felt good to sit outside without the oppressive heat.

1246317266639Zion spent the day as he spends many summer days, goofing with his buddy Samuel Judah Engle.  These two have been cohorts for four years and are more fun to watch than a box of puppies.  They have fortified The Compound against attack by building forts and often sit guard on the lions out front, sporting airsoft pistols in one hand and popsicles in the other.    They are shown here displaying their fabricated pre-teen angst.

The older boys, Jackson and Grayson, are busy with ATC.    Jackson is working the camp, bouncing between office duties and the media team.  A phone call last night with him was interrupted with “Hey Dad, gotta call you back…they’re getting ready to show my video….”   Cue Harry Chapin’s ‘Cat’s in the Cradle….’.   🙂

Grayson is a camper for the first year and loving it.  He’s a day camper, meaning he gets the privileges of sleeping in his own bed, but he’s gone from 8am until often nearly 11pm.  He comes home tired and happy.   He’s meeting a lot of new friends, enjoying a little freedom, and digging in with God too.

Picture 3Yesterday around 5:30pm his grandmother got a phone call saying “Grayson is on the microphone in the prayer room….”.   We pulled up the webcast and sure enough, there he was….12 years old, leading a prayer meeting that has been going on since he was 2, praying for the youth of America according to Jeremiah 1:7.   He prayed with an authority that made it hard to believe that this was the kid who forgets to pick up the legos.

Go God and go Grayson.

Picture 7


2 Responses

  1. Thank you so much for posting this! I have been missing Emmy so much and your posting Grayson’s prayer room video reminded me that I have a subscription to the prayer room video feed (which I can never use on dial up at home, but that’s a different story) and I might be able to catch a glimpse of her since she chose the prayer room as one of her electives at ATC! I feel a little dumb admitting i forgot but I am just glad you made me think of it!
    I am so glad Emmy is getting to experience what your kids are growing up immersed in. I will be watching every chance I get from now on!
    Thanks for letting us have a glimpse of your life…fun and games and challenges alike… It helps make my life seem less crazy! 🙂 Surely if you and Kelsey can handle all that you have on your plates, Bruce and I can handle what’s on ours.

  2. I am continually impressed with Grayson and what God is doing in his life.

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