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Randomonium – Screened In Porch Edition

This edition of Randomonium is being written in the cool morning breeze of my screened in porch, which until last weekend, was a screened in area where a bunch of stuff got put. Now, however, it’s sports only a grill, a table, four chairs, myself, and a little curly headed girl eating LIFE cereal. Much improved.

It is, of course, Fathers Day. What an honor to be a dad. I love it more than I could express. And I love that this summer, we’ll have three more children than we did last summer. Occassionally, a well meaning yet social awkward person will remark “Wow – all those kids – that’ll make you crazy!”. In reality, my role as husband and father are what keep me sane. It’s the other jobs that have added to the lunacy – which is why I could take them or leave them.

I miss my dad. He passed away when I was 28. I don’t dwell on it much, but I would love to watch him interact with this tribe of mine. He loved children and would have been in his glory with all these kids around him.  Sometimes, I think the choices I’ve made and opinions I hold would have driven him crazy…but I’m sure I would have won him back with the kids.

Awakening Teen Camp started yesterday. For the first time, we have two involved. Jackson is working with logistics and media – yesterday he was the organizational mind that got nearly 90 teenagers – all arriving on different flights, some from the far side of the globe – from the airport to the registration. Grayson is a camper this year. I dropped him off with an expectant heart, knowing what a role these sorts of events played in my own spiritual walk as a kid. They’ll go hard at it for 3 weeks, then do a leadership track for a week, then andother 3 weeks of Awakening. Fortunately, we’re close enough that they sleep at home and we’ll see them in passing. I’m not ready to surrender them for that long.

Kelsey is still pregnant, although all the experts and our experience say that it can’t last forever. Her doctors say they’ll induce around July 6, at which point we all finally get to meet Piper Eden Key Bohlender. We cannot wait.

Happy Fathers Day, dads. It’s a great life.


4 Responses

  1. Happy Father’s Day to you, friend.

  2. Name dropping smoothly done there sir!! We await Piper’s arrival…

  3. Ezra’s due date and actual birth date was July 12. He was very prompt.

  4. I either cry or laugh hard at your posts….today you have made me cry twice! God has certainly blessed little Piper Eden Key to be born into your tribe!

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