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Because We Can.

I’m sitting in our 10am prayer meeting, which for the uninitiated, is not unlike our 10pm prayer meeting, our 6am prayer meeting, or our 8pm prayer meeting. See a pattern? The International House of Prayer here in Kansas City is at it’s 10th anniversary of 24/7 worship and prayer…and if you’ve never visited, I wish you could see what I see.

Young adults. Hundreds of them, emos, jocks, preps, pierced and tattooed, ivy league and GED, all singing, hands raised – ‘to You be all glory and dominion…’. Most of them have raised their own financial support and are here for a 3 to 6 month internship. Some are here longer term. Their whole life is ahead of them…and they are placing their focus on the one thing that matters.

Families. Dads carrying mop haired toddlers. Teenagers thumbing worn Bibles. Moms carrying babies. It’s the busiest season of their life as they’re in a position to form the destinies of each of their children, and they have them here.

The very idea irritates some people. That sounds a little crazy if you could actually see what I see, but it’s not unusual for us to hear people say “why would you pray and worship 24 hrs a day? Is this really worth doing?”

My response to leaders is evolving. Not long ago I would have offered some sort of apologetic for 24/7 prayer. I would have quoted scripture, given historic examples, and told inspiring stores. I would have tried to sell the idea to them.

Today, my response is different. I’d answer with a question.

“Why would you not?”.

If money were not an object.

If resources were available.

If you could assemble an army of young people and it were in your power to place an extravagant offering before the Lord – would you do it?

Stripped of your very logical objections against doing this…would you do it? Or would you find something else, something more balanced, something more rational, something that offered a greater short term return?

I’m not disparaging other types of ministry. A lot goes on here outside the prayer room – evangelism, teaching, training, community. We love those things too…but we love one thing most of all.

Why do we do this? Because all the songs are true. Because we can. And because He’s worth it.


14 Responses

  1. Man, I wish I was this smart/committed/cool.

    Good stuff.

  2. Thanks Randy!! My husband and I are visiting a week from Thursday, coming from Springfield, OH!! We have never been. We feel like the timing of our visit is perfect and we are primed. Can’t wait!!

  3. @Michael – everything is smarter and cooler on the internet. Objects in realtimespace may not be as cool as they appear.

    @Angela – VERY cool! IHOP is a little like the AARP. “You may already be a member!”.

  4. We are getting a glimpse of it here in Fredericksburg, VA with the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace. I thought it sounded like a neat idea but now that I’ve had the chance to really experience it I understand why you say, “why would you NOT?!”. I’d also love to come experience IHOP someday.

  5. IHOP rocks! But THOP does, too!! And it\’s closer. 🙂 But when I come to the States, I go to IHOP

  6. In less than a heart beat!

    One thing have I asked of the LORD,
    that will I seek after:
    that I may dwell in the house of the LORD
    all the days of my life,
    to gaze upon the beauty of the LORD
    and to inquire in his temple.

    Psalm 27:4

  7. I agree, 24/7 prayer is a good thing. There are no reasons NOT to do it. I would, however, probably use a different methodology.

  8. @Don – absolutely. Go for it. And when you’re doing it, share, because we’re up for stealing good ideas.

  9. Yea, let me expound on that last comment I made. As I re-read it in my head, it felt like a slam. Not meant to be one.

    I was a huge fan of Red Moon Rising. When I think of 24/7 prayer, I guess I really like the creative part of it. The old Rusty G. (from VCC and CHOP) prayer stations and wailing walls kind of stuff.

    I don’t know if you guys do this, but I am also a huge fan of silence when it comes to prayer. For most of us (including me) silence can almost be maddening. But it can be in silence that we hear the best.

  10. I’m totally tracking with you. Loved Red Moon Rising. Love it all. Also love the reference to ‘old Rusty G.’ stuff. I’m sure he’d appreciate a reference to ‘the old days’. 🙂 We actually participated in all down in the VCC great rooms – fantastic times. I’m far more committed to the ‘do’ than to the ‘how’, but find more people interested in debating the ‘how’, and ironically, they’re not even trying the ‘do’ they propose.

    As a father of (almost) 7 now, I’m a big fan of silence myself. All I can get.

  11. As a regular visitor from a thousand miles away, all I can do is say “Amen” to every word you posted Randy.

  12. just got back on Saturday from there. It was great- I took a group from church, The Lord spoke and peoples soul’s were touched. Praise the LORD for IHOP. Blessings……

  13. Even this former Swedish Lutheran thinks IHOP sounds really cool. Ang and I are planning a visit in the fall. (Little heads up…) 🙂

  14. My wife and I were able to visit almost 2 years ago now. Just on a weekend. It was an amazing time!

    We can’t be there in Kansas City, but we have the live feed streaming in our living room 24/7… it’s just like we’re there. 🙂

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