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Randomonium – Connections Edition

It’s been a good couple weeks for connecting…

Yesterday, The Zoe Foundation teamed with a couple to help go get their new little girl!  A baby is in the arms of a mommy tonight because of the generosity of people who believe in the foundation.  That feels really, really good.

Earlier this week, I had a meeting with a top quality person interested in volunteering with us.    I’m jazzed about how much help they’re going to be as well as the fact that they’re going to be fun to work with.  Score.

After preaching one of the services at FCF, I was approached by a woman who shared a little about her job – she works for C & C Drums in Gladstone, MO., where some of the finest drum kits anywhere are manufactured.  The owner, Bill, loves the idea of the church caring for orphans….and I have a drummer in the family.  It seemed a visit was in order!

This afternoon, Zion grabbed his stickbag and rode the 25 minutes north with me to a little industrial park.  There, behind a car wrecker, is a cramped little shop where Bill and his crew do their stuff.

Picture 39The space was full of drums of all sizes, including this small multicolored kit that they pulled out for Zion to play.  At first, I thought it was a kids’ kit, but it turns out it’s a full-sounding, compact drum set that Bill said would be played at the Beaumont Club this weekend.

When they couldn’t find a throne short enough for him, Bill ordered that they take a hacksaw to it to make it small enough!  This guy loves kids!   Zion played for a good long while, much to the delight of the C & C crew.   One worker, wearing full sleeve tattooes, grinned everytime Zi went for the full roll across the kit and hit the mark on the 1 beat coming back in.

After a drum session, we got the grand tour.

C & C is known for two things – specific tuning and custom finishes.   Bill literally traveled to Las Vegas to stand on stage, fully draped in black, during a Blue Man Group show to get an idea of the sound they were looking for, then came home and built a killer acrylic kit to replicate the sound.   Bill showed me how he did it, but I can’t tell you.  Trade secrets, you know.

DSC02402The finishes that this guy puts on drums will blow your mind.  Most impressive to Zion and I were the Abalone finishes.

Yes, abolone – not a paint pattern, but real abolone, the inside of a clam.  Think of a massive bass drum finished like the inside of a clam…and in some cases, tinted different colors.  At first glance, it looks like hammered steel, then the light hits it and the colors race everywhere.  Bill nonchalantly says “I built a yellow set of abolone drums for Elton John….”, emphasizing the kind of drum rather than the person who bought them.

It’s not all wild paint though – they do some pretty phenomenal things with natural wood, too.  Take a gander at this black walnut kit.


We were there about an hour and a half and loved every minute of it.  The shop was fascinating, but people trump work every day.    Bill loves drums, kids and Jesus, although not in that order.

Zion and I are already planning on a trip back, sooner rather than later.


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