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On Not Calling Fouls

If you have children, you know the cry of ‘no fair!’ all too well. “No fair” raises it’s head when one ice cream cone is an ounce bigger than the other. “No fair” is the cry when one child gets the nod to do something but the other is told to stay home. “No fair” surfaces when the great Lego pile is getting divided up and there is some debate as to who owns what.

We never outgrow ‘No fair’.

As long as we breath – and some of us, with our last breath – we will cry out ‘no fair’ over wrongs (perceived and actual) against us. Sometimes, it will be our imagination. Sometimes, we’ll be dead right.  And ironically, right, dead.

Sunday morning’s message from Mike Bickle – “David: Responding to Mistreatment” – discussed David’s heart response to Saul’s persecution. Mike made some pretty remarkable points…

You will be mistreated for the bulk of your life.

People live with the idea that they’re just going through a hard phase and eventually, everyone will see the light and be for them. After a decade or two of living for the then and there, they realize that the here and now is their eternal reality – that people are harsh and unfair and you’ll probably forever have someone in your life who is not treating you in a Godly way. Don’t waste time expecting to outgrow it – invest your time in how to respond to it.

Vengeance belongs to the Lord.

There is a great temptation to right the wrongs in your own life…to set the record straight, to clear the air, to make sure everyone hears your side of the story. To do so is to take from the Lord one of His primary roles as our protector and provider. Specifically, Mike said “If we take vengeance into our hands, then He will draw back and allow us to do it without intervening for us.”

Mistreatment is an Opportunity.

Mike said “Every time we are mistreated it is an occasion for promotion in God for your heart to go deeper and to receive more from God in our external circumstances. Set your heart to not waste one good trial.” It makes me wonder how many trials’ I’ve rendered useless by my own countermeasures – even well intentioned ones.

Great message – it will be up on the IHOP MP3 store in this area in a day or so or via Podcast in iTunes. Well worth the download.

Note: the podcast elves appear to be on a two week delay due to heat and the earth’s rotation at their equatorial hut.


2 Responses

  1. Invest in the $25/month webcast and you can go back for WEEKS and listen to the EGS/FCF services. Great for people on another time zone. Best deal of the century!

  2. wish i’d heard this yesterday…i needed it today! wouldn’t you know the one week i’ve missed in a while.
    thanks and thanks for the reminder.

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