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I am sitting in my dimly lit office, letting my aging body wind down from the whirlwhind of the last few hours.   Tonight was our Kansas City Zoe Foundation Banquet, and it was bigger than Elvis.

This banquet was a bit of a one-off in that nothing fit the norm.  We didn’t have the usual ramp up in time.  We didn’t utilize a neat and tidy, turn-key banquet facility.  Nevertheless, it rocked.

I was fairly well prepared by our team that the Arts Incubator was not the ballroom of the Hilton – this is true.  It was way better.  There’s something about exposed brick, a city view and holes in the ceiling that says ‘authentic’. I also liked the 4 story stairclimb…or you could ride the freight elevator.

I had not actually seen the venue until 5pm though – by then people had been working for 2 days to transform this place into something very Zoe-like, with painted stick-trees holding bright colored paper flowers on each table.  It was a playful sort of gorgeous.

The crowd showed up big time.  Early on, we speculated about 150 people.  Luis Cataldo, dreamer that he is, put his money on 200.  Yesterday morning we had 225 registered, and by the time we started saying ‘no’, we were at 300 RSVP’s.    Normal life issues always cuts that number back, but we still had 270 through the door.  Did I mention the Arts Incubator seats 250 if squeezed in tight?  It was SRO.

Kelsey led off, telling a bit of our story and weaving it in with what God is saying about abortion.  I followed by sharing about the five initiatives that our foundation is about.  At one point, people burst into applause.  I kind of wish I remember what it was that brought that response; it might bear repeating.  Lou Engle batted cleanup, just being Lou, which is to say  making us alternately laugh and squirm.

Highlights for me included watching my wife hold a crowd.  Even if she did steal a quote I was going to use, forcing me to edit on the fly.   I also loved hearing people say “this place is so Randy and Kelsey….”, knowing that another team of people had found it, rented it, and decorated it.

It was a great night of sharing the vision and inciting people to a revolution of love.  May we soon overthrow the prevailing systems and usher in the kingdom to come.


7 Responses

  1. I am thrilled to hear the event went so well. I thought of you all often during the day yesterday wishing I was in KC instead of here in OK. I can’t wait to hear more of what God is doing through this amazing adventure!

  2. So glad to hear the event went well. I knew it would! Rock on!!

  3. Wow randy. that sounds epic. I wish we could have been there with you all. I am so proud and in wonder at you, your family, and your ZF team. It is so beautiful to hear about sincere people wanting to see the Kingdom of God brought to earth one child at a time. love you guys.

  4. There were many spontaneous applause moments throughout the night…but one I remember while you were speaking was when you were talking about the adoptive family database. You said something like “when the state says abortion cannot be overturned because they cannot hold the 40,000 more children that would be born everyday, I will stand up in the back of the room and roll out a list of names and say ‘They will take them, they want them!'”

    So powerful. We want to be on that list soon!

  5. Woo Hoo!! So good to her. My husband and I are still kicking ourselves for not making it to the Cincinnati one.


  6. I wasn’t able to attend the Zoe night, but wanted to thank you thank you thank you for speaking today at FCF. God used you to put words to what my heart has been feeling about adoption and hugely encouraged both my husband and myself. While I am sure you get this question a lot- I’m going to ask it anyway…what would be the first step for us to begin the adoption process? Even if you could guide me to a website or something like that, it would be awesome! Again, thank you for being willing and for speaking truth in love today- I am spreading your sermon out to my family and friends. Thank you so much! Krista

  7. two things:

    1) sounds like the event was spectacular. (and i found you via 20sb)

    2) i noticed your ‘i noticed…’ on the side. and i’m from Fargo. typing this comment from there. interesting… it made me a little happy. ha.

    have a great day!

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