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Teaming with Potential

Yes, I know it’s spelled ‘teeming’, but give me the benefit of the doubt, will you?   I’m going somewhere with this.

I cannot tell you how incredibly honored we are to be working with our Zoe Foundation team.  These are not frivolous words.

These are the words typed by a man who’s been smacked down by the flu (non-swine) for 3 days.

These are the words typed by a man who, along with his wife, leads a non-profit that is having a major fundraising event in eighteen hours and:

  • Has not been in the venue.
  • Has not met the event coordinator.
  • Has repeatedly been told by multiple team members “our goal is for you to show up and do your part, but not before.”

This is the dream team.  Each one of our board members are people of such high caliber that I probably wouldn’t have recruited them to help with our dorky little idea had they not come to us and expressed enthusiasm. They’re all out of our league.

I have my long-ago uber-assistant, Danielle, now a board member working her skills on last minute attendance fluctuations of, oh, 75 (for the good).  We have Luis and Jill Cataldo, Young Life Icons, insisting that I stay home and driving to my house to get the print.  We have Lou and Therese Engle sitting at my kitchen table saying “I have an idea!”.  We have Billy Humphrey willing to wait an extra 45 minutes because my special-ed GPS took the scenic route.   I have my wife…the pinnacle of smarts and spunk…helping me think through stuff.

They’re not in this because of my leadership skills – God knows it’s probably in SPITE of my leadership skills.  They’re in this because adoption is an idea that is about to be spotlighted in our culture and must be reformed.  They believe in the revolution and want to have a hand in it.

I pray that God sends you some of these when you get ready to make your sort of trouble.


3 Responses

  1. Ha! the Special-Ed GPS.

    And, oh the RSVP fluctuations…that story is still in the making!

  2. We registered for the banquet tonight but forgot to write down the exact time, would you be able to let me know what time it begins tonight? I tried to look on the website but I could not find any info. Thanks

  3. Will be praying for the Zoe Foundation event tonight. I wish I were in the area, but will be praying for those attending, those presenting and for glorious things to come out of it down the road. Praying healing over you and your family, also. : )

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