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10 down, infinity to go

Tonight was IHOP’s ten year anniversary celebration.

In May of 1999, the doors of the International House of Prayer opened.  Particularly in the early days, it was a prayer laboratory as they searched for the right model.   When you’re planning to start a prayer meeting that goes until Jesus returns, you’re looking for a way of doing it that works for people.   The only thing worse than a bad prayer meeting is a bad prayer meeting that will not end.

The mix of worship and intercession was not an exact science.  For some reason they’d gotten pretty separate over the years.  In time, though, a model emerged that – while not claiming to be the end-all – gave the people something to go back to when it wasn’t clear where things were supposed to go.

In September of that year, the jump was made to go around the clock.  Every two hours, a band steps in behind the band that’s playing and musicians drop out one by  one.  The prayer leaders relinquish the mic to their replacements and the meeting continues.   You would think it would get monotonous, but I regularly get a chill when I walk in to the room at 6am and think “It’s still going.”

To put it in perspective, when this prayer meeting started, Bill Clinton was being impeached.

When this prayer meeting started, Timothy McVeigh had just blown up the federal building in Oklahoma.

When this prayer meeting started, Will Smith was a rapper.

Some time has passed.  A lot of things have changed.  Still, the meeting goes on, and every year  thousands visit, be it for months, weeks, or days…to dip their toe in the stream.  Many choose to wade in a little deeper.

For us, that walk in the water started with my visiting a conference, where I found Mike Bickle preaching much of what I preached during church planting – revolution, John the Baptist, fasting and prayer, radical commitment and radical expectation.  The difference was that he had a clue what he was talking about.  I was using words God gave me but they sounded like a foreign language when I said them.  I can’t imagine how painful it was to sit under that preaching as I struggled to figure out what God was doing with us.

We up and moved here around year 4, opting out of the traditional ministry path (the one with a salary and a budget) for a missionary lifestyle doing something that few could imagine and fewer could understand, including us.    I was sold out for prayer – I just didn’t know how to do it very long.  That’s not good for a guy who just joined a 24/7 prayer movement.

I practiced.  I learned.  I failed a lot.  I got some better.  And I turned around to find nearly six years had gone by, and to discover that the best part about IHOP is that we just haven’t quit.  Not quitting is winning.

We left the celebration a little bit early tonight, because Kelsey was scheduled to lead the 10pm to midnight set in the prayer room.  It was fitting to slip out early for her to take her turn on the wall, stoking the fires of intercession, like so many have in the past ten years.

Happy Anniversary, IHOP.  We’re honored to be a part.


4 Responses

  1. Oh, IHOP. I am unbelievably grateful that you did not quit. You have paved the way for so many of us. I know it has not been easy, and the beatings emotionally that so many have taken have been hard. Still, you have perservered. All of the ones who keep IHOP running, and moving, and loving, and worshipping the One who is so worthy to be worshipped. I am grateful to all of you who make up the wonderful place that is IHOP.
    Happy Anniversary!

  2. Im truly grateful for the men and women, much like you and your family, that take a massive step of faith to go and find the place of prayer and make a life of it. I had the privilege of being apart of the NightWatch for several months and I know the “glitz and glam” of 24/7 prayer sounds all too romantic to the outside… but the reality of being prayer and living the fasted lifestyle can only cause you to lose your life entirely. I’m grateful for your dedication and the dedication of the hundreds of intercessors at IHOP that come day after day after day to AGAIN tell the Lord “we agree with you and want your plans established in the earth”
    Strength to your hearts!!



  3. Thanks for the post, and the information about the 10 year anniversary, I didn’t know. My daughter is just finishing her first year of training at IHOP. I feel privileged and am eternally grateful that there even IS an IHOP, even more so that she is able to study there. We’ve also been blessed to visit, pray in and be prayed for in the 24hr prayer room. This past Easter I had a demon of rejection cast out from me, my husband and I were prayed for and received the gift of tongues from the Holy Spirit after Easter morning services. My husband was overtaken by the Spirit-I’ve never seen anything like it! Afterwards he was exhausted. We’ve been so moved by our experiences there that we much desire to move to the KC area and are praying for God to make a way if this is His will for our lives. Thanks to all of you, who had a vision and made that vision reality. Our Lord deserves nothing less than 24/7 prayer. Blessings to all who work so hard to make it look so easy!

  4. I would love to go visit IHOP sometime.

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