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When We Found Our Voices

31zm0db2rml_sl500_aa240_Grayson came home with a new cd the other day, except….it was an old cd.   It was David Crowder’s LIME CD, circa 2004, which was primarily a live recording of music circa some years before that…and when we cranked it up to eleven, it took me someplace.

It took me to a church planters’ conference in North Carolina, where I stood in abject fear, knowing that we were only weeks away from moving away from our home of seven years to plant a church in Cincinnati.   That conference was a train wreck.   It was presented by the experts and I was convinced they were nuts.   Years later, I still think they were nuts and am glad I didn’t hammer God’s dream into their template….but I remember the music with fondness.

Gray loaded it up on the iPod, and later that day I plugged it in to the Suburban’s stereo as I ran errands.  I moments, the music took me somewhere.

It took me to a basement in suburban Cincinnati, crammed full of young adults, with the voices drowning out the guitars.   It took me to a launch service in an unairconditioned high school band room, rented to us by the band director who loved what we were doing, but not enough to attend.   It took me to a Wednesday night Bible study in an apartment, where I attempted to teach Genesis at such a depth that it probably took longer to teach than it did to occur in realtime.    It took me to a golf course clubhouse, where on Easter Sunday, a duck walked in the back door and right down the middle aisle.

I found myself singing songs I hadn’t heard in years, the lyrics fresh on my lips like I was thinking them up on the spot.  Eyes moist and spirit tender, I had to gather myself up to go into Ace Hardware to buy some tools.  The sublime and the mundane collide again.

We’re in a place where we hear good, live worship music all the time.  24/7, the prayer room continues.  We’re celebrating the 10 year anniversary of around the clock worship and prayer tomorrow night, in fact.  So why did this old CD stir me in a way I had not been stirred in a while?

There’s something about the music of that era – the Passion cd’s, the Crowder tunes, Matt Redmond – that brings a wave of emotion and a deep seated connection with God for me.  It’s not that the music is superior to anything written since…it’s that we were singing those songs when we found our voice.

These weren’t just background music.  This was the soundtrack that we walked out God’s dreams to.  To these songs, our hearts soared higher than they’d ever gone before.   At that elevation, we saw things in the distance – things we’re still running toward.

The music that allows you to find your own voice will forever move your heart.


6 Responses

  1. Thank-you for writing this blog! I thought I was just getting old and nostalgic when I started thinking about some of Kent Henry’s first few albums.

  2. This is so true!!! I loved those same cds! And, I think I look back to certain Integrity ones’, too — moments in my life when God changed my heart with a certain song……be it Passion, Kent Henry, Wayne Watson, Matt Redman, Twila Paris………you are so right…….it’s when God captured our hearts and we found our voices! Thanks for sharing this blog, Randy! 😉

  3. Hey,

    Yeah, can totally relate to this. So right on.

  4. Totally! When I shuffle over to the original Delirious music that came to the US (I Found Jesus, History Maker, etc), it takes me back to Richy and Jessica and I starting a youth ministry in Texas. We were still in high school, but we were finding our voices and spreading our wings. Several years of ministry happened and countless youth saved and touched. I get watery eyed when I hear certain tunes from those days also.
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. The way you put the emotion into words is truly astounding, I felt the tenderness and the familiar ache in my own heart again.
    Your writing inspires me.

  6. AMEN, Brother.

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