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In Pursuit of the Dave Workman Office

I am trying to transfigure my office into a place that Dave Workman would feel comfortable.  So far, not so good.

If you don’t know Dave, he’s the senior pastor / grand poobah at the Cincinnati Vineyard, where I served on staff for a while.  Dave is uber-hip – not trendy, but just innately cool, from his easy going way to his silver-since-the-day-I-met-him hair.

During my tenure at the Vineyard, I spoke to him regularly as he wandered the halls, popping his head into small meetings and assuring us all “You kids are crazy….”.   I might have had coffee or Skyline with him a half dozen times, but  I was only in Dave’s office twice.  The first time was about three months into my tenure there, when I had fired someone.  Dave called me in to make sure it needed to have been done (my only regret, even today, is that I didn’t fire them faster).  The second was when we talked briefly about a weekend series that I would be speaking at.

The thing that sticks out the most about those meetings was that Dave’s office was frighteningly free of clutter.  He didn’t have a desk, per say – it was more of a table.  It held a lamp, a cat-5 cable, and a power cord for his laptop.  His wastepaper basket was empty.  There was no paper anywhere in the room, as near as I could figure out.

His ways are not my ways.

Granted, I hate paper and do as much online as I can, but at present, my home office is a cluttered mess.  Half opened boxes of books, files of TheCall events – some actual, some theoretical – The Zoe Foundation print, it’s all everywhere.  I must rectify this tomorrow.   WWDD, I ask myself.

I’m hoping one day I’ll sport a Dave Workman office.  Dave Workman hair would be even cooler.


6 Responses

  1. Get rid of your desk if it has drawers. That has helped immensely. All drawers do is hide clutter until it can slowly creep back onto the desk.

    I recommend getting a cheap table-top and saw horses and making a desk out of it (or check out the IKEA Vikka [sp?] series where they do all the work for you).

  2. Do not underestimate the omnipotent power of Donna Hern. I am just saying, she is the wind beneath the wings…


  3. Don – Already chucked the desk w/drawers.

    Caroline – Truer words have never been spoken.

  4. 1. I am proud to see you emulating Dave Workman. I am a huge DW fan (which where I live now is often mistaken for “Daryll Waltrip”, but we know better…). My awe of DW affected me so much so that I always ended up saying really embarrassing things or grunting half sentences when in his presence. I learned to just turn the other way when seeing him approaching. Best for everyone. (Mostly him.)

    2. I’m glad I was just a minion and not yours so you couldn’t fire me. But you did steal the good office chair, and I will never forgive you for that.

    3. What do you have papers for? Don’t you have a MAC? Can’t they do everything for us?????

    4. Donna Hern’s secret powers are stored in her kickin’ shoes. Steal the shoes – steal the secret powers.

  5. Ann

    1) I actually remember how disfunctional you’d get in Dave’s presence. He is truly awesome.
    2) Glad you admit you were my minion Angela is still in denial that she worked for me.
    3) I keep printing things at random.
    4) Donna once gave me a pair of new, in the box, Oscar De La Renta boots to auction for a Burning Man trip. Had Kelsey been able to wear them, they would have never seen eBay.

  6. *Gasp* I thought GTD was supposed to fix all that.

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