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To My Neighbors…

Dear Nearby Residents…

You’ve probably wondered if we were ever going to move into The Compound or if we were just continue to haul stuff out.  If you lost count, that was 3 dumpsters of stuff that had to go bye-bye.  They were 30ft long if you didn’t get a chance to measure them.  We were are surprised as you were.

It would appear that we will move in over the next few days, so the traffic and noise will only ramp up from here.   Some of you have taken notice of the running sword fight and little boys’ attempt to build a fort in the tree in the front of the yard.   We will do our best to move that around to the side yard, although I offer no guarantees.

I’d like to ask forgiveness in advance for some of what is bound to happen.

Yes, at some point, a child will come to your door and try and sell you something.   Feel no obligation to buy anything.  In some cases, what they’re selling doesn’t even belong to them.   They’re industrious – what can I say.

Please do not judge us by what the kids decide to run up the flagpole.  We’ve never had a flagpole before and this one stretches close to sixty feet high, so it’s an almost irresistible opportunity for a little boy.

Know that when the wave of boys passes, there is a second, larger wave of girls.   It might quiet down then, but don’t count on it.

Thanks so much – it’s good to be your neighbor.  I hope it’s good to be ours.
The Bohlender Tribe


8 Responses

  1. HYSTERICAL!!! If you need some new neighbors, let us know!

  2. Actually, there is a house for sale that I have been eyeing for you guys…..

  3. I am cracking up about the flagpole. I seem to recall a story about some of the Dockter clan running a pole through Marions pants (while she was still in them) and putting her upside down to prove she could do a handstand. Hopefully, that kind of logic hasn’t been passed down the gene pool to your boys for them to apply to said pole. Little sisters might be hard to live with after that.
    Good luck on your move and enjoy the new found space!

  4. Boy oh boy will it be an adventure to be your neighbor. Almost as exciting as I imagine it will be to be on of your tribe.
    Do you guys need help with the moving in? I mean, are you planning on calling for an all-hands-on-deck, kind of, manual labor task force? I’m down. I’d love to help load/unload trucks, pack/unpack boxes, etc.

  5. LOVE this post. With six kiddoes (2 boys, 4 girls, and trying to adopt another girl) we can definitely relate. We have PATIENT neighbors, but the house next door is for sale. One day when it was being shown, one of the boys informed me that he thought he had scared away the threatening invaders. It may be awhile before that house sells! I’m praying for a fun grandmotherly type who LOVES active, tree-climbing, fort-building, kiddoes!

  6. I’ve got an Israeli flag your boys can borrow ;o) Not that they’ll need my help…

  7. I am seriously considering sending the boys an old fashioned pair of bloomers (knee length with the ruffle)…. if I can find them! Too funny!

  8. I would take your clan any day – we just have a grouchy old man who obsesses over parking. Please (I know you will) take photos of anything unusual that happens up the flag pole. I am laughing at the thought!

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