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This Place is Not Normal

Through the miracle of hungry twins and my own pot of coffee, I managed to get to the 6am prayer meeting by 5:45am. Getting here a little early means more than you’d think – for example, you get to park in the Promised Land, not Moab. You get a better chance at a primo seat. You also get to catch a few minutes of the Night Watch as they wrap up their turn on the wall.

Where ever people are endeavoring to do 24 hour, 7 day a week prayer, they’re discovering something…the Night Watch is hard. It faces a double whammy of being unattractive to the majority of the population and disproportionately attractive to those who are…how shall I say this….not right in the head.

Now that I’ve stirred the ire of the Night Watchers (who will read this when they wake up around 2pm), let me explain. Most of the stories that start with “This one time in the prayer room…” and end with A) “…needed major deliverance.” or B) “…and then the police came.” are set in the night watch. Something about those hours attract a certain clientele (almost always people not associated with IHOP-KC, but they just happen to be up at that hour and they’ve already been kicked out of the pancake place…).

This is what makes it all the more amazing to me that Stuart Greaves and his crew do what they do night after night after night – stand and minister before the Lord while the city sleeps around them.

  • While your politicians are resting in their beds, the Night Watch stands for you.
  • While your best daytime buddies are sacked out, the Night Watch stands for you.
  • While my curly headed girl 2 year old sprawls in her Curious George pajamas, the Night Watch stands for her. How do you put a value on that?

I’m incredibly grateful for the Night Watch this morning. That Stuart has done this so many years is remarkable. That he has done it with excellence – not just held the line, but produced leaders who can carry the load (and often get pulled on to the day shift to fill in the gaps!) is even more impressive.

Night Watch, thanks for taking the toughest part of Luke 18:7. The light time dwellers you pass in the foyer do not take it lightly.


7 Responses

  1. ABSOLUTELY… I Often times regret not taking initiative to pray for them during the daytime on the mic. Usdatimers probably need to pray for them while THEY sleep!

  2. Going to bed and knowing that there are people interceding while we sleep and holding back the darkness with their prayers is priceless. Sean has the right idea. We need to pray for our NightWatch friends while THEY are sleeping. Thanks for writing this post, Randy. We can never take the NightWatch for granted because they are key to 24/7 success. God Bless the NightWatch!!!

  3. amen, thanks randy for thanking the nightwatch and thanks to the nightwatch for provoking randy to thankfulness, and me as well, thanks

  4. Wow Chief, I’m moved to tears and left with only a thread of common sense that kept me from jumping up, immediately finding Jono and informing him that I am switching back to Nights TODAY 🙂

    Thank you for so honoring our family.

  5. We will certainly receive those prayers!

    I mostly had to chime in to agree, as someone who is in their section, that Stuart and the NW leadership team are phenomenally awesome people. I am so blessed to serve with folks who have such a spirit of excellence.

    (And major shout outs to the NW Support Team, too…)

  6. I LOVE and MASSIVELY value the time I spent in the night!!! I would always pick night over day in KC!!! Keep it up Stuart!!

  7. This made me laugh (the well-articulated and amusing truth of how strange the NW is)… and cry. Thank you.

    I once tried to leave the NW (to teach at the Daniel Acadmy). I came to my senses within two months. I was made to stand in friendship with God through the watches of the night and I will do it for the rest of my life (here or elsewhere).

    We truly do have phenomenal leadership on the NW. I am so grateful for Stuart, and for all of the amazing men and women that I get to run with every night (like the wonderful Amanda Beattie who commented above… a woman I am incredibly fortunate to call my roommate and friend). The Lord has continually shown his abundant goodness to those who stand by night. I am overjoyed that He has set me in the night.

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