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Google v. Zoho – The Champion’s Reign is Disputed

Google, I think you’ve met your match.

Understand, I like Google. I’ve long had a Gadget Crush on the Tmobile G1 phone. I know it’s not an iPhone, but the potential of this gizmo blows me away, even if that potential is yet unrealized. I like Google Docs and love Google Calendar…but I think I’m finding a better way.

Two weeks ago, a friend clued me in to Zoho.com.

Zoho is like Google Apps on steroids. You get online spreadsheets, presentations, database creators, file storage, and a host of things that I’m still figuring out, but allow me to do things like the online sign up form linked at the right to add you to our family eNewsletter list.  In face, just go there and sign up now.   Oh, and Zoho includes the Zoho word processor that rocks me like a hurricane.

Hear me. There is life after Microsoft, people. I jettisoned Word for Mac entirely about six months ago, replacing it with NeoOffice and Bean. I use NeoOffice for heavier projects and Bean for quick notes. Both are free applications that easily allow me to open files and save them as Word docs. If you work with me, you’ve probably already received files labeled .doc that never saw the evil code of Microsoft until they hit your machine.

As of late, I’ve been fascinated with going completely online with my documents. I can imagine a day down the road when I have a horse of a desktop for big things, but travel with a netbook running Ubuntu. Once my laptop croaks, the Dell Mini 9 looks pretty good at less than $400. Committing to this route means needing to edit documents stored on the web. For this alone, Zoho beats Google docs hands down, so many ways that to explain it all would take another thousand words (maybe I could draw a picture?)

The only downside I’ve found (and there’s probably a workaround…) is my inability to integrate the ubiquitous gMail. Zoho can beat Google at word processing and data management, but it’s hard to imagine beating Google at it’s killer app – email. Once I can figure out how to email documents links from within Zoho but avoiding using the zoho.com mail, I’m a total convert.

D’oh. I just found out how to do it….aaaah! This is awesome….

Sorry. Non geeky posts will now resume.


9 Responses

  1. I love how you are geeking out about this!
    I will now confess that, while reading this post, I needed another window open so that I could Google all the programs you mentioned. Ubuntu? Bean? NeoOffice? I’ve heard of (and disliked) Open Office, but that’s about the limit of my exposure to free online Microsoft-esque software. You might be revolutionizing the way I compute!
    Paradigm shift, here I come!!!

  2. Randy, I have to confess I’m feeling convicted….I’m a backslidden Zoho user ;(

    I used to really digg Zoho but then fell under the spell of Google Apps.

    I am now recommitting to Zoho thanks in no small measure to your post.

    Thanks for the altar call.

  3. What happens when you’re not online? How do you get to your documents? Do you store “frequently used” or “currently working on” on your local machine?

  4. Hmm. I’ve been on Google Apps so long I haven’t really looked at Zoho. I’ll have to check them out. Wow, mentioning Ubuntu in a post? You have more geek cred than I thought :^) . I’ve used Ubuntu for years on servers and desktops, but it’s hard to pry me away from the mac interface these days.

    Have you tried the new OpenOffice 3.0 ? I used to use NeoOffice but now that Sun officially supports Mac, I’ve been using OpenOffice on my mac and haven’t touched NeoOffice in while. I’m assuming you know NeoOffice exists only because OpenOffice support for Mac was slow in coming because based on the X11 version for years. Now that OO is available for mac, I’m wondering how long Neo will stay around.

  5. Not being a computer geek, I hate it when you speak ‘technese’-I have no idea what you are saying! Guess I’ll just wait for your next post.:) Blessings!

  6. What freaks me out is knowing Obama is reading my budget now that I do my recordkeeping online. {{shiver}}

  7. this was posted from my kindle. 🙂

  8. Thanks Randy for posting this. I too, have been know to ‘geek out’ on stuff like this and it’s nice to know another reason I suspect I belong to your ‘tribe’ — in a distant, online, and yet very amazing kind of way.

    I found Zoho and their easy-to-use Wiki application about two months ago and immediately started to store my geeky tech tips online (so I could remember how to clean up Thunderbird folders the next time I move my email from one machine to another, etc.)

    Then my local internet service provide decided to go flakey on certain sites… like Zoho.com & so, as John did, I ‘backslid’ into my previous life of poorly organized slips of paper on my desk.

    Zoho is waaay better. BUT as Nathan pointed out… what if you can’t go online? Of course, with a well-aimed sunspot our home computers could be melted into permanent disrepair. So, a distributed/online backup could be justified for mitigating some risks — I suppose.

    And, as Jessica asked … what about privacy online? It’s nice to see that Zoho does have a check box for logging on securely (via https) so my personal stuff is protected in that way at least.

    The ebook revolution is here & the geekiest are jumping in first. I admit I’ve surf/shopped the mini laptops, but even with their relatively low pricing, I’m just not quite ready to jump in. I have to admit the HP designer mini was serious eye candy for me… yes the pink one with lilies etched on the cover. Beauty & function married together. Sigh.

  9. p.s., if you have to file this under uncategorized, I suspect you are in denial that a ‘Geeking Out’ category works in your world. :–)

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