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Randomonium – Ricky Raccoon Edition

This edition of Randomonium comes to you from a hotel in scenic Paducah, Kentucky. We are here because this is as far as we got. We left Florida this morning with the full intention of getting further, but a number of things conspired against us, most of them involved diapers or 5 Guys. Now, tired, with 400+ miles to go, bravery gives way to common sense and we find ourselves in the last hotel room of the trip. Thoughts are thus…

Budgetcation has gone well. Borrowed van, trailer and condo all came together nicely. We are very grateful for our unnamed hosts who put us up in a gorgeous place on Vero Beach (unnamed to you; not to us – we’d prefer you not spam them!).

Highlight of the trip was undoubtably seeing the shuttle launch from Melbourne’s beach. It’s one of the few things I’ve seen that I couldn’t follow up with a comparison starting with “This one time at Burning Man….”.

Kiteboarders are insane. I’ve never seen that before and was surprised at how fast they go. Also surprised we didn’t see more arms ripped out of sockets. If I was a shark, I’d find a place with a lot of kiteboarders, because man, at some point, a snack pack’s going to hit the water.

Long live the full size van! Pulling a trailer, I was expecting 10mpg. We managed between 12 and 15, depending on the angle of my foot in relation to the floor. Regrettably, we sent a raccoon to the sweet by and by this evening. He will forever be remembered for his bravery, however foolhardy it was. Of course, Twitter followers got the play by play in realtime.

The entourage got tired of explaining things.   Kelsey and I, Jackson, Grayson, Zion, Zoe, Anna, Mercy, and our Ultimate Traveling Companions, Katrina and Annie, were more than some people could absorb. You could tell they were wondering whose kids were whose. At one place, a guy literally spun his chair around just to watch us like so many monkeys in the zoo.

As I walked with the boys, an older man said “You’ve got quite a group of kids!”

I agreed, and said “This is only half of them.”

“Are you Mormon…or Catholic?” He asked, assuming we had to be one or the other.


“Really?!?!” He asked, obviously in shock.

“Really. Some people want to own a boat. I’d rather have a lot of kids.”

He laughed, but I think it was more because he didn’t know what else to do.

Works for me.

3 Responses

  1. “Some people want to own a boat…” Classic. I love it.

  2. You go girl! I mean…Sir :o) (Can I call you ‘Sir’?)

  3. “The entourage got tired of explaining things.” Haha! Exactly. 🙂

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