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I’m on Vacation at Lake Winnepesaukee!

img_5901_2OK, I’m not at Lake Winnepesaukee.

I’m in Florida.

Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean I am not thinking tirelessly about you, the blog reader.    So tirelessly, in fact, that I added a feature to the right lower sidebar.  Under the Notice label, you’ll find things that I….noticed.  Clever, huh?   I think you should notice them too.

Note to parents:  Once you see the space shuttle launch, the visit to the Kennedy Space Center is a little bit anticlimactic.   We went, we saw, we left and went back to the beach.

We’ve bounced from place to place every few days, as if we were running from the law, although we’ll be in the current location for a good number of days now, so I’m looking forward to relaxing a little more.

The few times I’ve made it to the beach have been a great mix of watching the boys play as I walked up and down the beach, praying.  For some reason, being at the ocean has a strange effect on me – I find prayer rather like breathing, both in it’s ease and it’s necessity.  I end up doing it unconsciously.

Staring out at the surf, I repeatedly find myself praying for the lands over there….Africa, Europe, the Middle East.  My heart is strangely warmed towards the people in those places this week.  I pray that the glory of God would be poured on on their lands even as I cry out for it to be poured out on mine.


5 Responses

  1. This make me want my heart to be so much more tenderized for the nations abroad. thank you.

    i wonder if there is something about the roaring of the ocean that quiets our soul, like shushing in the ear of a crying baby, and that reminds us of God’s purposes and creations groan.

    i am so glad you are enjoying your time in Florida!

  2. Having just returned last Tuesday, from an unexpected b-day gift of a week in Naples Fla., I too found prayer as easy as breathing. When surrounded by God’s Majesty, so easily and plainly seen everywhere around you while on the beach-well, the wonder of it all has a tendency to take your breath away! From every wave upon the ever-changing shore, to the myriad of shells washed up. The types as varying as you could imagine, yet even the like ones different in their colors and intricasies of design. Oh that we could see the unknown wonders of the sea! More of God’s Majesty that we only catch a brief glimpse of this side of Heaven. Enjoy your stay in paradise!

  3. I love praying by the ocean!!!! Reminds me of St. Aidan’s prayer:

    “Leave me alone with God as much as may be.
    As the tide draws the waters close in upon the shore,
    Make me an island, set apart,
    alone with you, God, holy to you.
    Then with the turning of the tide
    prepare me to carry your presence to the busy world beyond,
    the world that rushes in on me
    till the waters come again and fold me back to you.”

  4. Dude, I totally agree with you about praying at the ocean! It comes so naturally….

  5. Ditto the ocean and praying. Foolishly thought I was the only one.

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