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Randomonium – Hotlanta Edition

This edition of Randomonium comes to you as I enjoy a bowl of Kels’ legendary granola and a cup of Wolfgang Puck decaf.  Normally, I wouldn’t drink this junk, but it’s part of my commitment to keep this trip as cheap as possible.   I had $7 in my pocket as we drove out of Kansas City and I declared that to be my coffee budget for the next two weeks.  As a result, I find myself drinking the rotgut that the hotel provides in the room.  Look!  Wolfgang Puck!  Enjoy the same bad coffee served in airports, right there in the privacy of your hotel room!

We’ve been in Atlanta about 24 hrs, which beats my old record by 22 hrs.    Most of my trips to Atlanta have been to places like Gate 25, although I did once eat at The Varsity and quickly filed that under “Stuff I Won’t Do Twice.”

My current impressions of Atlanta are:

  • Wow.  That’s a lot of dogwood trees.
  • Wow.  That’s a lot of streets named Peachtree.
  • More Wafflehouses per square mile than any place on the planet.

Tomorrow we meet with some folks and talk adoption, as we get ready to roll out some news soon that will stupify you, as my Uncle Sal likes to say.  I’m not ready to tell you yet…but it’s large, like Lyle Lovett’s hair.

We borrowed a 12 passenger van from a friend for this trip.  Another friend loaned us a trailer for luggage.  A third friend loaned me a GPS (ours croaked a few months ago).  The van, with 175,000 miles on it, is performing flawlessly and actually getting slightly better mileage than I estimated it would.  The trailer is doing great, although you only really notice a trailer when they do horrible.  Trailers are a lot like the church sound guy that way.

The GPS, on the other hand, was programmed by someone smoking something that is not available in stores.   This evening, we left our hotel to have dinner with friends.  I entered their address, hit “GET ME THERE” and waited.  The GPS took us out of our hotel parking lot, north a mile, east a mile, south a mile, and yes, west a mile, to within sight of our hotel before turning left again and going further south.   That I did not throw it out the window is surely a testimony to the sanctifying power of the Spirit.

Alas, I have much more to write you, but my Wolfgang Puck has run dry.  The next post will most likely smell of saltwater.

9 Responses

  1. As an Atlanta native, I must contest your Varsity conclusion. Perhaps it was a bad day and you need to give it a second chance, but the Varsity is the best culinary experience of its kind anywhere!

    Perhaps the Varsity is an acquired taste like Skyline.

  2. I think rather than try The Varsity, we will have to stick to Five Guys for dinner tonight. Katrina and Annie need to be initiated anyway!

  3. I wish Apple would make a GPS. My TomTom gets me places, but it is so clunky and annoying. Wonder if there’s an iphone app… hmmmm

  4. i miss the south… i miss all three of those things you were wowed by, actually, quite a lot, and i’m from Carolina. only difference is that we have as many Cracker Barrels as we do Waffle Houses (which has its own absurd amount), and the dogwoods are in constant competition with the crepe myrtles for who can occupy the most amount of space in a square mile.

  5. you are in the city of my grandbabies!! We enjoy going to Mo’s!, but not sure where it is. Somewhere around the big GA mall. or one of them. You go in and they yell out, WELCOME TO MO’S!!!’ Its so much fun.

  6. Next post sponsored by saltwater and SUNSHINE! There will hopefully be a plethora of that in Florida — Atlanta has failed to provide that for us.

  7. YOu have to understand Maggie Magellean. You have to help her help you. Obviously you dont have a way with her like you do with biracial female children…

  8. As a “Georgia girl” I do believe it just may be the Waffle House capitol of the world. The small town I gew up in had three! Within two miles of each other, I kid you not 🙂

  9. i laughed pretty hard about your gps experience … ours did the same thing when we left the parking lot of the marriott after onething’08 … it earned her the nickname of stupid lady by our entire caravan which has stuck and is now known far and wide by all the young people with us … i’ve been told her stupidity would be easier to follow with an autralian accent, tho … still … we did get out of kc …eventually …

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