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For Those With Compounding Interest

Everywhere I go, people are asking me the same question: “When do you move into your house?”.  Of course, those are the non-blog readers.  Strangers who read the blog ask “How’s The Compound coming?!?”.

The Compound is coming along.  The kitchen, hang out and dining area I call the Culinary Suite now has drywall and tile, making it look less like a crack house than it did for a little while.   We mashed the big tiles up close to one another for a very cool look.

We still have no cabinets hung; they are on a slow boat from China and will not grace the walls until mid April (of 09 we hope).

Most of the new windows are in, except for the big bay window in the Culinary Suite and the monster 44×52 incher above the place where the sink will go (in faith I say these things) and the big windows in the basement.  Who would have thought a house from 1936 would have big basement windows?

New furnace?  Installed.  Mailbox?  Backed over by the furnace guy.

Splashes of color are appearing on upstairs bedroom walls and the foyer area.  Colors like Granite and Molasses Gemstone and Sugarcream Espresso Bean.  Who names these things?

The basement flooring went down this week.  I’m not going to spill the beans, but Bruce “Don’t Call Me Bob” The Builder called me in a panic, afraid his guys had installed it upside-down.  They hadn’t.

Ceiling fans are being hung and the third dumpster in the driveway is filling up, although now it’s with cardboard boxes and not wood and plaster.

I finally conceded the lime green toilet and sink in the master bath.  They’ll be replaced by white….although I argued for and won the black, gray and pink 30’s art deco tile.

We hope to be in the house in a few weeks, even if we have to wait on the cabinets.  Then we’ll run the flag up the flagpole and see who salutes.


5 Responses

  1. I’ll salute!

    And I cannot wait to meet the room painted with Sugarcream Espresso Bean.

  2. Will the Compound makeover be featured in the first season of “Life with the Bohlenders” (airing on GodTV this fall?) ? You are recording all the drama, aren’t you?

  3. @Jeff – not a chance. I’m all for reality, but not so much for TV.

  4. Actually the reality show is how we will finance Jackson’s Harvard education. (or DeVry, whichever he chooses).

  5. Only if the sugar cream espresso room smelled like the name. I think that your whole family would camp out there. Who would need coffee in the morning. 🙂
    I will salute your Compound Flag, only if you promise tours. JK Let the Cooper’s know if you need strength on move in day. We’ll gladly carry the lightest boxes in for you. JK But really we’ll help.

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