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Write dat down!

I’m not a huge Shakespeare fan, but I did enjoy the 1993 movie adaptation of Much Ado About Nothing. My favorite character was Dogberry, the drunken sheriff, played by Michael Keaton. In a farce of a trial – it’s hard to practice jurisprudence with a drunken sherriff – he repeatedly admonishes the judge “Write dat down!”.

yhst-71326348041790_2040_2773110Today, I got a little something to help me ‘write dat down’….a new moleskine journal.

I’ve gone through a fist full of these since 2005 when I got one in a goodie packet at a conference I was speaking at.  For four years, they’ve all been identical – 5.5×8.5, ruled paper, side bound.

This time – primarily because Jackson ordered it – we got a little mavricky and went with a 5.5×8.5, ruled paper, top bound, reporters’ style! I know, call me a crazy man.

I’m looking forward to using this one because the top binding means I can write further into the margins.  This is important because all my best ideas appear to be marginal at first, so I’m expecting some serious genius to be revealed in this bad boy.

I really never wrote down anything for years – if I didn’t type it or put it into a PDA, it was gone – until I started using a Moleskine. I still journal erratically, but enjoy it for a couple of reasons.

A governor on the mind…

Some gas engines have governors that keep them from running too many rpm’s.   With the governor in place, they run for a long time.  Without it, they run faster…until they blow up.

I originally went to typing so I could express myself faster. Speed does not always equate with quality though. Handwriting things invariably improves the finished product by allowing your mind to go over it a few times as you write. I’ve often reached the end of a handwritten sentence already having decided that it was pretty much crapola and then discarded it. Had I been typing, I would have already hit PUBLISH for all the world to read it.

A written record….

I love going back through my old journals to see what I was thinking or feeling in certain seasons – or some times on certain days. I wrote two very specific things in my journal fifteen minutes before I learned that our twins were available for adoption. Between writing them down and hearing about the twins, Corey Russell prayed those words on the mic in the prayer room.

All of this is scribbled down in a journal, written in realtime. I can’t wait to show the girls those notes once they’re old enough to appreciate what God was doing in the minutes before He brought them our way.

I didn’t intend for this to be an advertisement for journaling…I really just wanted to share my new outlet for marginalized ideas! I guess it’s hard to talk about something that works so well for you without getting a little preachy about it.

And you can ‘write dat down….’.

One Response

  1. I love that A) I got you hooked on the funky Moleskine, and B) it made such an impact, you blogged about it.

    Good has been done here.

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