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Home is where the stuff is.

Our flight from Indianapolis landed in KC around 6:30pm.  Yes, the banquet was in Cincinnati, but it is cheaper to drive a rental back to Indy and fly home than it is to fly from Cincinnati.  In fact, some days it’s cheaper to buy a small car, drive it to Indy and abandon it in the airport parking lot than it is to fly from Cincinnati.

It’s not easy herding that many people through the airport, but we made it.  I’m not sure this sentence would have been true were it not for The Angelic Helpers of All Time, Katrina Styles and Annie Peterson.  These two are amazing…Godly, funny (@kstyles insists ‘I’m funny, dang it!’) and true servants who will do whatever needs to be done with great grace.

We enjoyed introducing them both to Cincinnati, driving around town and giving them a steady stream of commentary.   They learned…

  • We lived near Kings Island.
  • The story of Voice of America AND the WLW tower.
  • All about Graeters.
  • And of course, Skyline.  In fact, one of the more hilarious moments for me was when our friend Howard Slonecker was explaining the appeal of Skyline to them.  His exact words were “It’s like smoking cigarettes; you’re not going to like it at first, but don’t stop.  You’ll press past that and you’ll find you enjoy it a lot.”  Words to live by.

Big thanks go out to Katrina and Annie – thanks for putting up with us, for loving those girls of ours, and for supplying us with endless twitterable moments!


4 Responses

  1. And we can’t forget “Uncle Luis”. Although they don’t know it, everyone on the flight home from Indy owes him BIG TIME!

  2. We haven’t chatted in Sooo long yet I feel I’m right in sync with you and your family thanks to blogs like this, and Katrina and Annie filling us all in via Twitter.

    Still want to experience Skyline on day/

  3. I loved being with you guys!! Thanks for the “tribute blog”. 🙂

    And Zack, I’m glad we didn’t suffocate your twitter feed with all our “updates”. 🙂

  4. Hi, I’m {foreverseen} on twitter … Josh’s wife.
    oooh fun–, King’s Island is where I went many times when visiting grandp’s.. I so like big rides.. it’s been awhile!
    Since my mom grew up there and my dad did some, we made 4 and 5-way chili at home A. LOT. It was one of top favorite tastes in our home, haha.
    **with cheese and onions is **so good**

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