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Banquet Recap…

img_0515Last night’s fundraiser for The Zoe Foundation was a huge success. It’s been over almost 24 hrs and I’m still kind of tired, so you know it was an impressive party. I can’t quite put it all into clear paragraphs, so here’s the cheater version of the highlights.

Venue. We outgrew our original room at Crossroads Community Church and ended up moving to The Vineyard’s larger room, cleverly named The Big Room. Crossroads was like gold to deal with, but we just couldn’t fit. Moving also came with the plus of having some Vineyard staffers around who were smart enough to know that I would have forgotten things, and were there to pitch in and help.

Vibe. It felt great! The Big Room is also The Room Formerly Known as the Gym Where I Taught Alpha. Translation, it was home turf and I felt really comfortable. Even more comfortable than the time I taught there under the influence of Benadryl and woke up halfway through my talk (only to wonder how long I’d been speaking…). Also, The Vineyard’s redo of the room meant the wall was painted perfectly to match The Zoe Foundation logo. One great moment for me was Owen Brock asking me “Where’d you get that logo?!? It’s great!!”. This is like Eddie Van Halen telling you “Nice guitar lick!”.

Vriends*. There were about 170 people there, and we might have known half. Some of the coolest people we know really showed up on our behalf – I asked Matt Massey to host a table, and like the overachiever he is, he brought two tables full. Tom Planck and Luke Dooley showed up early to help and were recruited to cut cake (the look on Tom’s face when he was asked was worth gold…). Andrea, thanks for loaning Tom to us when Titus had a concert….

Special shout outs go forth to our board members who made the trip – Luis & Jill Cataldo and Danielle Henry, our table hosts who invited friends, and Terry Eklund and Annie Murphy who arranged food, RSVP’s, and assorted stuff. What a great night for adoption! Next stop – Bartlesville, Oklahoma!

*What can I say, I grew up in the church where alliteration could be mistaken for the anointing.


5 Responses

  1. so wish we could have been there. this week has been a rough one. we are missing a journey outing saturday night. jae is in the home stretch of her masters so it won’t be much longer now, that and me trying to find a job. prayers and blessings to you!

  2. Guys, what you are doing is SO AWESOME!!!!!!!! Receive massive “Woot Woots” from the other side of the big pond!!!!!!

  3. WOW- the banquet was such a blessing. It took some doing to get there from Columbus but I am so thankful I was there! Your story is so powerful. I firmly believe waking the church up to adoption and orphan care is something God has been revealing over the past few years and you are right on target. SOOOO exciting. I am going to do what I can to join in the party! PS- the food was really realy GOOD, too:)

  4. Cindy – so glad you made it! Thanks for being a part of this historic night.

  5. Randy: you dropped some seeds into our hearts that night…it’s been dinner conversation at our compound and many of us are pondering the plan of God and His vast heart…

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