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These Candy Taste Like…

About eight years ago, we were in our first real building project. We had purchased a new home in Cincinnati and decided to finish the entire basement as cheaply as possible (I have since learned that is not always the best way…).

We hired a contractor to frame the walls, talked a neighbor into running the electric, and paid a plumber to run the pipes. We put up our own drywall though – a LOT of drywall. However much you’re thinking, multiply times 4. And double that. We were building a small kitchen, three bedrooms, a playroom, and a ton of closets. We were building a small house under our house, and it took a lot of drywall.

Once we had it nailed up on the walls, we discovered something….that installing the drywall is the easy part. The finishing it is the hard part, and it was going to cost us a fortune to finish it. At this point, I gave up and went to surf the web. Kels, on the other hand, deals with adversity head on (she faces it….). Kelsey went to the library and checked out a 45 minute video on how to finish drywall.

For the next month, she would descend into the basement every night and finish drywall while I watched the kids. And surfed the web. Again, we all deal with stress differently.

Every night she’d come upstairs with white hair and dust caked on her face. This went on for the entire month of February.

I remember it was February because during her break times or while I was waiting for a web page to load (this was 2000 after all), we’d snack on those little heart shaped candy and remark to one another that they tasted like drywall. We assumed it was because of all the dust in the house. We even started calling them drywall candy.

Now, every year, I remember that project….and when I snack on those candy, I realize we were wrong. They didn’t taste like drywall because of the dust in the house. They naturally taste like drywall.


5 Responses

  1. Well YAY for Kelsey! But I wouldn’t let the kids know about the taste of drywall, because next time they want candy and you say no, they’ll be licking the walls!

  2. They are pretty bad… You have to get the sour hearts, not the drywall ones!

  3. Uh-oh… My project this week is to finish the drywall in our basement. And I thought it sounded easy. Maybe I need to block out more than one day to do it… Oh boy.

  4. We are totally finishing our basement as we speak…I try to stay our of it as much as I can…so I guess you could say Tim is finishing the basement!

  5. I remember sharing in that drywall-fest….I think I may have been responsible for the new carpet you had to install….purple paint anyone??

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