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Let The Countdown Begin…

TheCall Events Team is gearing up for our next gathering…this time, in Mott Auditorium in sunny Pasadena, California.  OK, it might be sunny, although when I was there last week it rained.

February 22-25, Lou Engle will be sharing the story of TheCall – it’s history, it’s promises, and all the cool stuff that fits in between the gatherings.   My team is juggling to produce all this…did I mention we decided to do this on Jan 30?  Yes, I know, some ministries plan these things months in advance.  It’s not the barbarian way(1) and we are nothing if not barbarian.

Today I met with an expanded version of my team, pulling in finance peeps, assorted assistants, and the guy who knows what all the cool knobs on the soundboard are for.  Questions before us were:

  • How far from Mott Auditorium to In-n-Out and what day does the fast start?
  • Do we have 3 van drivers over 25?
  • Where did that little black pc laptop go?
  • Just how rustic are these dorms anyway?
  • Who can run Songshow and is willing to ride in a van to Cali to do it?
  • Is GodTV renting lights?  Are we renting lights?  Who knows how to run the lights?

It feels chaotic right now, but only because it is.  The best part is knowing that it will land well and be glorious.  That, and that after all the planning, I’m actually going the other direction to the Zoe Foundation Fundraising Banquet, meaning the best laid plans will need to be tweaked on the fly by my team, minus my cool bald head to make the calls for TheCall.

After all, it’s the barbarian way.

(1) my subtle shout out to Erwin McManus and Mosaic.


3 Responses

  1. Oh great. The last thing I need is another book, but after checking out the Barbarian Way, it looks like it’s time to expand the library again. Better be good to my wife this Valentine’s day – let the reader understand :^)

  2. the dorms are rustic, for sure. but as long as you know that going in you will be prepared.

    community showers…shower shoes a must!
    shoes on at all times.
    no heat or air, just fans and open windows
    delightful evening skunk scent from the wild Pasadena skunks
    God loves this place!

    plus side- an awesome experience.

  3. I just got to this phrase, and couldnt go further without a serious giggle.

    “It feels chaotic right now, but only because it is”

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