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For those who missed it…

Yesterday’s afternoon was spent at DEN.

If you were following The Twitter you’d know this, but in case you didn’t…here it is with a little more explanation than the 140 character limit could allow.


I emerged from my MCI to DEN flight to discover that my connector to the City of Angels had been stripped of it’s wings. Some little thing they called “mechanical failure”.

I joined about 100 people in line (no exaggeration). Actually, the word ‘line’ indicates it was going some where. It was more like a row of people than an actual line. Lines go somewhere. Rows just….stand there.


This poor lady. She had been traveling since 7am with two children and she was six months pregnant. I know this because she told eight or nine people, and some of us twice. She was on the verge of tears and eventually a Frontier manager led her away. I am not sure where.

At some point, a second service desk opened about eight gates away and we all ran like crazy to get there. I went from being 100th in one line to 6th in another. This only serves to tease me…being closer to the front means nothing in a row of people.



Note that the previous post was sent an hour before the one below. When I sent the one above, I was sixth in line. When I sent the one below, I was still in line.


Finally, I get to second in line. The lady in front of me was trying to get home to San Francisco. We had talked for about 45 minutes. She was appalled to learn that I had six children and was getting ready to add another to the massive population of the earth. She seemed a little more at ease to find out we had adopted three.

Of course, then I had to tell her that I was from the midwest, and that we had plenty of room for more people – I think what I said was “We don’t have an over population problem, we have a people distribution problem. You all need to move away from the edges. There’s room in the middle.” She suddenly got very interested in her Blackberry.


I guessed that one dead on.


Closer to the desk, the row split into two rows, with two workers behind the desk. Apparently, the fellow to my right moved to the desk a little too quickly for Johnny Frontier, who sharply told him “Step back, sir! I am not ready. Step back!”. The man smiled and ignored him.


Finally, I get reticketed for a 6pm flight. With a little bonus.



Sipping my expensive free coffee, I start chatting with Thomas Hall…


The following tweet really happened. It is not a misrepresentation. I knew I was getting closer to California when this happened.picture-10


10 Responses

  1. I guess Denver is closer to the Bay Area then I thought.

  2. That was absolutely entertaining!!! Sorry it was so hectic for you guys, but really entertaining nonetheless 🙂

  3. Let this be a lesson to all.

    Frontier Airlines – All Airbus fleet = problems.

    You normally fly Southwest:

    Southwest- All Boeing fleet = awesome.

    “If it ain’t Boeing, I ain’t going!” = )

  4. “Your dog is very very happy!” Best laugh I’ve had all day!

  5. OH man. I need to retwitter just to get these updates! #freeentertainment

  6. This whole story is entirely out of control! I can’t believe this happened to you….

  7. I can, and I’ve never even met him!

  8. Have a great time Randy and God-speed on your mission!

    Oh, and my dog’s inner voice was laughing like crazy at this post 🙂

    Ryan Couch

  9. i will to use this line in the future. “We don’t have an over population problem, we have a people distribution problem…”

    you know sometimes i think these situations and conversations happen to you so you can share the hilarity with so many others. — this ultimately leads to more laughter for more people. Way to be used by the Lord! God is laughing, we’re laughing, i hope you’re laughing =).

    what does a dog’s voice sound like any way?
    “Ruh-roh Elroy!”

  10. Loved your answer to the lady about redistributing population. That made me LOL. I need to give you some $$. And when did the Gerards start their second adoption? Man we are behind. 🙂 Two cuties named Shiloh is awesome!

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