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Randomonium: Long Time Comin’ Edition

Since moving to this new blog layout (it’s still hard for me to type wordpress without cringing…), I’ve tried to keep my blogging a little more intentional, and in doing so, it’s felt a little dry at times. One of the things I used to do ‘back in the day’ (eight weeks ago…) was the Randomonium posts. This one has probably been a long time coming.

As previously tweeted, I am discovering a new piece of software called Things. It’s either the Mother of All To-Do Lists generator or Project Management for Dummies, I’m not sure which. I do know that I got all my things on Things and I now know when to worry about things and when to ignore them. It’s one of the few pieces of third party software that I find as intuitive as most native Apple stuff.

Things in TheCall world are ramping up, following our fifteen hours of meetingzilla last week, in which we worked on rebranding, hashing out our mission, and committing to building a four passenger car that gets 43mpg and is entirely biodegradable. Actually, we might have to delay that last thing. Not because we couldn’t do it, but because we’re working on a four day event at the Mott Auditorium in Pasadena later in February. More details to follow as fast as we fabricate them.

The fan on my MacBook is out of whack and periodically sounds like a Huey helicopter. The store has the part in stock now but installing it means surrendering the computer over night and that’s just not happening right now. I’ll live with the chopper sounds.

The Zoe Foundation Fundraising banquet in Cincinnati is going to rock you like a hurricane. (I’m sorry, I should have resisted, but did not.) Reminder – it’s Feb 26th at The Big Room at VCC. The Big Room was previously the gym, and where I taught Alpha to a couple of hundred folks per rotation when we lived in Cincinnati. It will be great fun to be back in that room again. I hope they fixed the HVAC. RSVP through the website if you’re going to make it!

Progress on The Compound slogs onward. Tonight Kels and I had a date night but it seemed a lot like going to Home Depot to me. We discovered Home Depot is a lousy source for lights when you’re trying to maintain the character of a house built in the 30’s.

Someone loaned Jackson an older PC laptop since Zoe decided to chuck his 17inch Powerbook down the stairs. Open. To the tile below. (file under ‘destroyed’). I considered getting a special “Zoe” rider for our house insurance but decided to just file a claim for anything else under “Tornado damage”.

Kelsey is now 18 weeks along…not as sick as she was, but still tired (probably has nothing to do with the other six kids) and generally freezing. She’s taking a blood thinner which is good for the overall pregnancy but not amusing when her fingers feel like popsicles.

The twins are stirring. Time to feed’m. That’s it for this edition of Randomonium. Night ya’ll…

10 Responses

  1. Correction Commander. The Zoe Foundation Banquet is FEBRUARY 26th. Not April.

    That’s only a few weeks away sir. 🙂

  2. Whoops, thanks, Ronni! Fixed that. And I’ll be there!

  3. I hope so! LOL! 🙂 Me too! Funny that….. I figured you were up late… and why does it say we posted this at 1:08 pm? LOL

  4. Hi, Randy!

    Enjoyed the Randomonium update, but what I really loved was the Twitter about Zoe – “May da WORD of da LORD run SWIFFFFLY! And be gworified!”. The fact that she yelled it out loud when you thought she had fallen asleep shows that your 2 year-old was lying in bed thinking about the things of the Lord. How awesome is that?! Maybe she was entertaining angels. : )

  5. I like Randomonium posts…they’re good for the soul.

  6. Sorry we won’t be anywhere close to Cincinnati on the 26th…..but can you please do me a favor and eat some Skyline while you’re there, and enjoy it on my behalf? Thanks. 🙂

  7. Would you believe Mercy Falkner is already grousing about the fact that she will not be with us on this trip to eat Skyline! 🙂 I’ll snarf a 5 way for you though, because I’m that kind of friend.

  8. Ah, Randomonium. I love Randomonium because you bounce from one topic to the next about as quickly as my brain does. I am like a Jr. Higher inside my head. Focus can be overrated. Things feel right with the world once again.

  9. The fan thingy… it might notbe the fan. When the exhaust ducting is clogged with dust, the fan strains. Find the airflow path out, and take them off and clean them.

  10. Genius tells me it’s the fan. Or the water pump.

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