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Neutralizing the Argument

I can’t find the exact quote, but I think it was Mark Twain who said “In every great argument in life, there will be someone on your side who you wish was not….”.

This is true in most great debates, and arguably most true around the topic of abortion.   The ProLife movement is like any other in that it is full of characters, great, small, simple and odd.  And vocal.  The most vocal ones get most of the attention.  They throw the bombs, both verbal and pyrotechnic, that make the rest of us cringe and think “Please don’t do/say that…”.

Having said all that, I am still staunchly ProLife.  I don’t blow things up.   I don’t hold signs.  But neither will I be deterred or dismissed from the conversation, even if President Obama has no desire to continue what he calls a “stale and fruitless debate.”

One of the things we’ve encountered in the past few years is an argument that says “if these 4,000 babies are born each day rather than aborted, who will care for them?”.

The difficult part is that it’s a legitimate question.  Surviving pregnancy does not give a baby a free pas.   Sending these babies down the birth canal rather than through the abortionist’s suction tube does not fix the often dysfunctional situation that awaits them.   They are alive, but they’re still in danger.

The Zoe Foundation is calling people to the adoption movement for this very reason.  It is not acceptable that children be born unwanted in a community where a church exists.  Let’s give the pro-abortion side no ground to stand on in regards to unwanted pregnancies becoming unwanted babies.

For many years, adoption was solely the route of those unable to have children.   There is nothing wrong with adopting for that reason – God gives a drive to nurture, and it is a noble thing to fulfill that drive through adoption.

Lately, though, I’m meeting a new type of adoptive family.  They already have biological children.  They’re already busy and often strapped for cash.  They’re not adopting to complete a picture, they’re adopting to make a statement…a prophetic declaration that unwanted children will be a thing of the past.   At a time when it would be easier to settle down with “us 4 and no more…”, they’re making room for one – or three – more at the dinner table.

I say go get’m.   That’s change I can believe in.


If you’re in the Cincinnati area and would like to attend The Zoe Foundation Fundraising Banquet on Feb 26, go to TheZoeFoundation.com to RSVP.    If you’re in the Colorado Springs, CO, Bartlesville, OK, or Boston, MA area, email me for info about events coming up in your area!


5 Responses

  1. whoa, seriously? Colorado Springs, OK, AND Boston? Praise the Lord!!

  2. I am glad you have started this foundation. I know Seth, who we adopted from the county, has been a blessing. I don’t love him any less or different than our birth children. we waited 6 years for him, instead of growing in me physically for 6 months, he grew in our hearts for 6 years. may others see the blessing.

  3. Keep it up, Randy. Let’s get the word out: Every couple of child-rearing age should give hope to at least ONE through adoption. Selah.

  4. […] We Love These Guys…Visit Their Site Neutralizing the Argument […]

  5. I love that Randy! Very Well Said!!!!
    Kim Phillips

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