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The Makings of a Good Meeting

I have never been a great meeting attendee. I fidget. I zone. I check my email. And I often don’t say much. That said, I’ve enjoyed the last two days of meetings more than I ever thought I would.

A number of TheCall leaders gathered yesterday afternoon around 1pm and didn’t leave until 6pm. We did the same today and will reconvene at 8am on Saturday. My voice is a little horse, my back is a little sore from sitting so long, and my brain is a little dead, but my spirit is alive. That is the sign of some good meetings.

Last night I came home completely jazzed – so much so that I found it odd. I started thinking about what might have made a difference about this meeting.

1) Food

Not just food, but good food, presented well. On the road with TheCall, the production team has unofficially dubbed of of my peeps The Hospitality Princess. The last two days, we’ve gathered around fresh deli stuff, chips, veggies, fruit, and some killer coffee.

The spread has smelled, looked and tasted great. Sure looks better than the sack of twinkies I would have tossed on the table. Hospitality is a gift, and our Spunky has it.

2) Time

Agendas are important, but they can be inordinately limiting. Having these extended times has allowed us to listen to one another and not feel pressured to get our side of the story told in the alloted hour. In some cases, I’ve listened long enough to change my mind before revealing my ignorance or prejudice. Win for everybody.

3) Freedom

We are dreaming some crazy dreams and planning some adventures that would scare me if I didn’t know we had the freedom to tweak them on the fly. Rarely does the plan go like we think, but often it turns out better because we were able to make the necessary adjustments without hurting peoples’ feelings.

TheCall is like the weather – it’s going to change. It takes the pressure off having the idea perfected before you speak up.

4) Passion

This is truly a team that doesn’t understand ‘can’t’. We’re not the smoothest org on the planet. We try to learn from our mistakes so we can rush out and make the next, bigger mistake.

Most of all, though, we cut ourselves and one another enough slack to allow us to do what we actually do well – hold really big, really fiery prayer meetings. Those mean a lot to us, so we are willing to debate, argue, laugh, agree, disagree, and agree some more to make them happen. And more than once in the planning, a prayer meeting breaks out and the whole meeting stops.

5) Covenant

I can’t go into the whole story because only Lou does it justice, but we’re committed to the ideals of TheCall and the team of TheCall. We take communion together. We pledge not to speak ill of one another. We keep short accounts. And when we fail at these things, we do our best to get it straight, quick.

Some would say this is just Christianity 101, and it is….but saying it all to one another reinforces it in a way that keeps it in front of us. I cannot say enough good about Lou and Therese Engle. They challenge us to walk it out and then model it for us with humility.

I love this team. I love those who lead us and I love those I lead.

thecalldc_390For all our goofs and guffaws, I’ve stood on the stage in Vegas, Kansas City, Cincinnati, Orlando, Montgomery, DC, and San Diego, and each time, the prayers went up like we hoped they would. Call that a win.

Looking forward to tomorrow. I know it will be good. And there will be snacks! 🙂

photo by Shelley Paulson

2 Responses

  1. I too love the Call, and the leaders of it. It is the reason I let my 18 year old daughter, freshly graduated from high school, having never driven out of our town, drive to Kansas City, MO lock, stock and belongings, to move and live there for the inaugural year of the Call Institute. She lives there permanently now, and all of you have become her family. You even took care of her for a bit in Washington DC during her 3 months there praying at JHOP. Thank you for loving not only your own children, but other peoples children as well.

  2. Ah! I love TheCall team… I love being under the leadership!

    And Skim is amazing!

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