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The Future is Now. Choose Your Weapon.

A few years back, while living in DC, we were hobnobbing in Georgetown and stumbled into American Outfitters. If you’ve not had the privilege, AE is a place where jeans cost $250 and appear to have been picked up in the dumpster behind a discerning Goodwill store.

As we perused the merchandise and tried to look like we belonged there, Kelsey ran across a t-shirt with the following slogan:

Music is the weapon of the future.

My guess is the designer was more interested in making a profit than making a statement, but the statement remains (and I didn’t buy the t-shirt). Not only does it resonate…it’s happening.

It seems the Chinese government is arresting Tibetans in the Himalayan region for having “reactionary music ” on their cellphones. This of course, begs two questions.

Cell phones work in the Himalayans?

If a ringtone rings in the Himalayans and there’s no one there to hear it, did it matter?

It would appear that the answer to both of those questions is yes. I can’t comment on the cell coverage on K2, but I have a few ideas about the nature of music as a weapon. I doubt that any real political damage is being done by low-fi ringtones on the China frontier, but I have the utmost faith that real havoc is released in heaven and on earth when we loudly sing what is true in the face of what appears to be real.

Psalm 40 speaks of God putting a new song in our mouth, causing many to fear and trust in Him. A song, coined by the Father and aptly sung by His people, changes hearts, minds and circumstance.

Music is the weapon of the future, and the future is now. Sing.


10 Responses

  1. O.K.!…When we loudly sing what is True in the face of what ‘appears’ real….got it ! Thanks again for being tuned in to the ‘Signal’.

  2. I think I went to that store in Georgetown! Do you mean “Urban” Outfitters?

  3. D’oh! You’re right, Annie – Urban Outfitters. I goofed – that’s what I get for growing up with Rural Outfitters…

  4. American Outfitters? LOL! You are such a farm boy. It was URBAN OUTFITTERS.

  5. So true. When we sing or play music vibrations are released into the atmosphere and change dimensions we cannot see or discern…nature (and new-agers) can though.

    Checkout these water crystals:
    “human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music, affect the molecular structure of water, the very same water that comprises over seventy percent of a mature human body and covers the same amount of our planet.”

    We “sing” songs with our heart, mind, soul, AND Strength. So sing out loud when you can, but are also be a continual fragrance to the universe by setting our affections on Him always.

  6. Two things: Song of Songs 2:12-13 and I think it was American Eagle that had a “Kill Your TV” shirt one year. I liked it.

    Speaking of t-shirts, will you have the Zoe Foundation shirts out soon? I want one.

  7. Hey, interesting ocurrences in light of your post – Carey (el spouso) and I have been getting songs in dreams lately. In one recent dream, Lou sings a new song that goes “Lord, I run to you, I will give my like unto you.” Lou Sings – they should make a CD like that. In the same dream, we have battle cry that is the word “Shama!”

  8. D’Oh! It should be Lou sings “Lord, I run to you; I will give my LIFE unto you.”

  9. And BTW, it is not 1:15 a.m., it is 7:51 p.m. Just sayin…

  10. That’s what’s up

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