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If This Was That Then These Are Those

Everyone has a historic scene that they’d like to revisit. Some of us have a strange expectation that somewhere in the great beyond, we will have access to the heavenly Tivo that allows us to rewind to a place in history at watch it. I don’t think this is true, but if it is, I’m headed for Acts 2…partially to see, hear and feel the outpouring of the Spirit in that day, but also to watch Simon Peter’s face and hear the inflection in his voice as he declares “This is that….”.

In launching into his sermon explaining the events of the day, he linked that day inextricably to the book of Joel. It was a theological game changer – recognizing the beginning of a prophetic fulfillment and calling it as such.

These days are that which were prophesied…heavy stuff, and you don’t say it lightly.

I grabbed a few minutes of quiet this morning in the upstairs hallway of the temporary housing we’re using while our house is getting worked on. My time was not long, but it rung my bell. I was reading Matthew 3 and tripped on the first three words:

In those days….

John the Baptist’s story has always been compelling to me, but particularly the sense of timing. In those days…. He began his prophetic initiative of preparing the way for the Messiah at a specific time that had been ordained by God. There is a powerful sense of waiting until….but not letting it slip by.

I also noticed that while this day is sovereignly chosen, there are verbs attached to John.   He came. He preached. He said. All these things began in those days.   The day was God’s but the action came through John.

Sitting there on the carpet, I leaned back against the wall and cried out to God. Which days are these? What have You written in the heavens for today?   What word, what sensing, what impression am I supposed to have for today, about today….in these days.

“What days are these?” should be the formative question of everyone who seeks to be a prophetic voice in their own day.

Regrettably, we’ve relegated the idea of a prophetic edge to mean creative interpretation of the past or speculative vision of the future.   We’ve confused the idea of the prophet with that of the fortune teller.     The prophetic is not primarily about the past – a reading or listening person can tell you what happened.   The prophetic is not only about the future – anyone can throw out predictions and demand that we wait for their occurrence.   A true prophetic edge involves being able to ascertain what is happening now.

I’m crying out.  God, speak to me about this day.  Not our cultural trends, not our business reports, but Your purposes for people as those those two things converge in spacetime.

Every moment is unique and unrepeatable, full of risks, unique opportunities, pitfalls, rewards, and a word from heaven.

What is true about these days?   And what are the action words that I am to embody?


5 Responses

  1. Spooky. Lou Engle’s sermon yesterday was so specific it was like he had been hanging out in my house listening to my cries all week. And now you, too. Jehovah Spooky…

  2. Amen! I will agree with that for you and me…. We are desperately in need of knowing the times.

  3. My own heart has felt this ache both personally and for the Lord’s body.

  4. true. one of the most profound understandings that i came away with from my days at the baltimore hebrew university was the prophecy was not primarily prediction, but pattern. it was prosecution and provocation and promised hope, and not merely prestidigization; as we tune-in to the Spirit and listen, perhaps that is the way to ascertain these days we live in…i suppose this might look like it did for the ancient prophets; like micah and isaiah whose lifetimes overlapped – and that it can be said about them that they were attuned to their times; there are parts of their prophetic books that are exactly the same, but instead of explaining it away as one copying from the other, perhaps they were both attuned to the Maestro/Spirit like an orchestra reading off the same sheet of music.

    so, that’s all well and good, but what say ye? what is true about the days we live in? and how then can we embody, proclaim and announcement a deeper kingdom that realm of God that we partake in in the midst of the old that is passing-away before our very eyes?

  5. Wow Randy,

    Thank you once again for your way with words and the deep cry of your heart. You put into words emotions that many feel but haven’t been able to put into words.

    Thank you for your transparency in this and I join you with I’m sure many others in crying out: What day is this? Open my eyes? Clarity Lord…direction.

    Blessings to you and Kels and the kids. I know we barely know each other…but you guys are often in my prayers.


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