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Adoption Update

Thanks to all who were praying and following the saga of the twins’ adoption. If you missed the most recent chapter, we finalized their adoption on December 30th in a back office of a hotel, over the phone with a Florida judge. With remarkable speed, the judge announced “these two are yours!” and it was over.

Well, almost over.

n606709924_1174500_6057The finalization was indicative of the entire story – high speed with very little preparation. Granted, we had done a home study, but the ramp up for twins was measured in hours, not the usual months that adoptions take. Without question, God had us in the right place at the right time to welcome these two into our home.

The speed with which it happened  added to the fun! It also added to the complications…

Because of the fast nature of this adoption, we had no time to raise any funds. We told ourselves we would hold fundraising events when we got home – and quickly learned that every day with twins is an event unto itself. Add in the news of another baby on the way and it kept getting pushed back.

To be transparent, we find ourselves still owing $7500 towards the twins adoption. That is not a million dollar debt, but neither is it a paltry sum, and the idea of it weighs on us heavily. While we’re in no danger of losing the twins to some adoption repo man, it is still a debt that we need to pay in order to close this process in our hearts.

A lot of people are fully in favor of adoption – but not all are in a position to participate as we are right now.  If you love adoption and have been touched by the story of the twins journey, please consider donating to their adoption fund so that we can put this debt behind us.

To donate, you can click here,  use the permanent link at the right, or email me (see sidebar) if you’d prefer to write a check.   Also, consider forwarding this link to someone who you think might have heard our story and like to pitch in.

Thanks for considering this need and for partnering with us in furthering the spirit of adoption.

Also thanks to Katrina, because I shamelessly swiped the photo of the twins from her Facebook page…


3 Responses

  1. Randy and Kelsey,
    I don’t the two of you except for what Clif has told me. The fact you impacted his life makes me love you and your family. It sounds strange, but as I am sitting here typing this, gazing at the picture of your beautiful daughters, listening to Kutless sing the words “We cry holy,holy,holy” I cannot shake the feeling I have been here writing these words to you before. The greatness of His mercy and love really know no bounds. You have a beautiful family, and I’m grateful there are people like you in the world who open your hearts and lives to welcome others into your fold. May Yahweh bless you and your children every day of your lives.

    When we are moved to tears
    and on our knees,
    hearts broken
    and flung wide open
    by love, not pain –
    then we shall experience
    the full extravagance and fury
    of Grace.

  2. Hi Randy,

    I just clicked on the link and its giving an error message.

    Do you have an email address that we can send funds to you through paypal?


  3. Congrats on the adoption. We have 5 kids, and the two youngest are adopted. Even though my life is challenged to the max. . . i work part time and am a pastor’s wife as well as a mom . . . I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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