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Faces and Places


Here are some of our favorite faces who gathered at our house for a walk yesterday.

Left to right, Glorie Herder and her Aunt, Annie Peterson (dubbed Girl Amazing in our house).  Then, Mercy (snoozing) and Anna, strapped tandem-parachute-style to Katrina Styles.   Katrina is with us several mornings a week to love on the babies and add some fun to our house.  She does these things very well.


Here we have myself, Bruce “Don’t Call Me Bob” The Builder, and Kelsey, looking at what will be the doorway into my mom’s studio apartment at The Compound.   Bruce likes it when I tell him “We’re going to change a few things…”.   This photo was taken right before he grabbed me by the neck.   Seriously, we love Bruce!   He makes this stuff fun.


Remember my mentioning the funky doorknobs?  Jackson got this shot of one of the ten or twelve doors sporting these great ivory knobs.   Skeleton key optional.


One final shot….I love this sink!   OK, I like the sink.  I love fixtures in all their art deco glory.   The sink sets on a narrow pedestal in the master bath, which features the biggest freaking medicine cabinet I’ve ever seen.  It’s got to be 5ft tall and 2 1/2 ft wide.   That’s a lot of room for fixin’ what ails you.


9 Responses

  1. OK, your place is very , very cool. I think this Compound is gonna become a sightseeing stop on Ang and my vacation to Kansas City. (Yes. You might just be that blessed.)

    Love your babies!!!!

  2. Great photo of the amazing Nanny Duo. I have to break it to you…..it’s Mercy strapped to Katrina, not Anna.

  3. I was giggling already after reading your blog, but actually laughed out loud at Kelsey’s comment…

  4. I LOVE it! The house, the pix, but most specifically Kelsey’s correction of Randy’s mistake. Why do I derive such pleasure from such a small comment? 🙂

  5. Are you gonna keep the sink?

  6. Yep, totally keeping the sink. I traded it for the infamous light fixture. The whole gig is one deal after another. Jackson and I also lost out on the Mexican restaurant paintings in the basement….

  7. Are you gonna keep the key and door handles?

  8. You really need to preserve at least one of those paintings. Put a cabinet door over it. You can open it when you need a conversation starter. I love your sink.

  9. @Ann – we’d love to have you. You can make coffee for me like back in the ol’ days.

    @Lisa – off my back. They’re twins. All twins look alike and I’ve never seen one of them ready to go skydiving before.

    @Esther – oh yeah, keeping all those doors and knobs. Even moving some of the doors but retaining the hardware in the new location.

    @Jen – We could put the painting in a box for you – you could display it in that sweet motorized naugahyde lounge chair I donated to the cause back in the day!

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