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Belly up to the Sidebar, Friends

Astute readers – and those fascinated with the mundane – will notice I’ve added an RSS feed from my twitter account to the sidebar.   I originally had it there, but wasn’t satisfied with how it messed with the clean look my buddy Ellen had given the site.  Honestly, though, part of my reason for removing it was to try and drive the masses to investigate Twitter rather than having it spoon fed to them from a site they were familiar with.

I surrender, because I am convinced the world is divided into two kinds of people – twitterers and non-twitterers, and to try and convert one into the other is, if not a grievous affront to their nature, something akin to bashing your own head with a frozen corncob.

This is not to be taken as a slam against those who tweet not.   Consider the difficulties in twittering:

After about a year of twittering, I can’t explain it. About twice a week, someone says “So, tell me about Twitter….”.    Normally a decent conversationalist, I sorta mumble and stutter “Uh, it’s like instant messaging, but more public.  It’s like blogging, but shorter.  It’s like carrot cake, but no coconut icing.”   By the time I’m done, they’re convinced of what it’s not quite like.

While Twitter is the backbone of the idea, hard core users never go to the Twitter page. They use Twhirl and Tweetdeck and RSS feeds and search and their cell phones and whatnot, but to go to Twitter.com seems so….late 2008.

Even so, I enjoy using it.

I find myself having an on-again, off-again conversation with friends from Cincinnati who I normally might not talk to more than a few times a year.   Recently, the alerted me that Jesus had fallen through the ice and I instantly knew what they were talking about.

It keeps up a fun dialogue with my dear wife who, were it not for Twitter, may sometimes feel overwhelmed by diapers and bottles.   Could we have this conversation via direct text messaging?  Yeah, but it’s more fun with others.

Twitter has actually evolved into more genuine relationships. Last fall, we sent a portion of our team to San Diego.  I knew them, but not very well…but by twittering those few months, when they got back we felt like old friends.   (See Katrina below….).

So there you have it.  Twitter or not, it’s in the sidebar, but know it’s only 1/4 the fun from here.


5 Responses

  1. I told hantheradiant, she had to sign up, it’s the ONLY way to make friends 🙂

  2. I’m one of the “non-twitter” crowd. Thank you for letting me know what it’s not. So far that’s the closest I get to understanding it! I still get lost at “it’s like texting, only different”, which is all my son has been able to tell me. I think I would like it, if I could understand it…

  3. I think it totally helped me get to know you guys!! I agree…it has deepened friendships, no joke.

    Who puts coconut icing on carrot cake?

  4. good to hear i’m not the only one who has an impossible time describing what it is!

    i’ve just resorted to answering that question like we answer questions in stuarts class. “it’s a mystery”.

  5. @dorean – see, a postmodern would say “If I could understand it, it wouldn’t interest me…”

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