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An Open Letter to Barack Obama (remix)

I first posted a version of this letter to Barack Obama on November 10, 2008, addressed to Mr. President-elect.  He never did acknowledge the letter, but he was probably pretty tired from the election.   Now that things have slowed down for him a little bit, I figured I’d tweak it a bit and repost it.   I cut some stuff out this time because I know he’s got a lot to read.

Dear Mr. President

After the last election, I wrote to President George Bush. While he never actually acknowledged my letter publicly, I know that he was a big fan of the Google and trust he saw it somewhere.

I don’t believe in perfunctory niceties, Senator, so I’ll level with you. I voted for the other guy. Actually, I voted more for the lady with the other guy, but that’s a whole ‘nother letter.

Even so, I’m excited for our nation in some respects.   I’m proud of America.  We have evolved to a point where an African American can get elected to the highest office in the land. My adopted daughter – African American and Latino descent – is 2 years old and will never remember a time when this was impossible.  She will grow up with a much smaller version of “can’t”.   That is progress for all of us.

Having dished out the collective high fives, I need to reenlist on my pledge to be a thorn in your side on one issue.

I am burdened for the lives of the unborn, and I am praying that burden falls on you.

My prayer is that you develop a nagging question….one that arises when you look at your beautiful little girls.

In the dark of night, when you slip into their room to take one last peek, I pray you hear the whispers in the walls. “Before I formed you in your womb, I knew you…

I won’t argue science or religion with you, Mr. President.   Just stare hard at your daughters and ask three questions “When did they begin?  Were they real before they gasped their first breath of air?  Were they just bone and tissue –  or were they spirit and soul as well?”    Just as importantly, how do I know?  And what if I’m wrong?

For the sake of your daughters….and sons and daughters everywhere…revisit this question late some night, sitting in that oval office.

You laid your hand on Lincoln’s Bible to swear an oath – why not resurrect the essence of Lincoln to the Nth degree by writing a second Emancipation Proclamation, doing for the unborn what Lincoln did for African Americans – granting them the dignity (and protection) that God would have them have.

Do it, Mr. President, and we promise the Republicans will never use the word ‘Maverick’ again.

Fail to do it, and you are endorsing a second Dred Scott mistake.

Sir, you are in my prayers. You are about to undertake a job that no man would have unless he loved America. I believe that you do. I don’t believe you to be any more sinister or righteous than your campaign opponent was, and I will pray for your encounter with the Living God just as I would for whoever else won. May you know Him and experience Him fully, and may your leadership over our nation reflect that encounter.    And may I recommend  Psalm 2 as a daily meditation for….oh, the next four years?


Randy Bohlender

PS:  Props on keeping the Blackberry!  I was cheering for you on that one.  Send me your PIN and I’ll message you directly.  For real.


8 Responses

  1. This is still a great letter… good job Randy. Maybe President Bush printed it out and left it in the folder on the Resolute Desk?

  2. Send me your PIN??? Guess all he can say is no.

  3. @esther – He told me to hold him accountable.

  4. I hope he reads your letter. In his spare time. It is a perfect mix of respect and truth. I will never in a million-zillion years understand how a man with two wonderful daughters can not only herald a pro-choice agenda, but flat-out champion a pro-death environment for our great nation. Jan 22, 2009 is surely a day of mourning in America.

  5. And now I understand what a PIN is!

    I wish he would read this letter…but at least he doesn’t have to read the letter to get encountered by God in the ways you (and I) are hoping!

  6. I hope he reads it. I hope he will hear the Lord speak to Him and feel His heavenly father’s love for him

  7. I can’t help it. The fact that you love Annie is drawing us magnetically into the Bohlender universe, despite the fact that we mock twitter incessantly and have two minutes per day for net surfing.
    This is a great letter. Auughhh…you guys are just…too…awesome…can’t resist the constant wittiness…keep blogging…we’ll be reading, laughing, and crying…

  8. […] it might be helpful if I threw my two cents into the discussion, although you never responded to my last letter.  Then again, neither did your predecessor, so I’m not blaming politics.   It could really […]

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