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The Compound Fractures

I did my daily drop-by to The Compound today, were Bruce the Builder and his crew are destroying my house….or at least part of my house.   I’ll give you a couple of sneak peaks; one view that you’ll never see again (because it’s gone already) and another that probably won’t change a whole ton.


This is/was The Breakfast Nook, also known as “That cool bay window room with the horribly chosen light fixture.”   As of this afternoon, this room is gone like yesterday’s pizza.  The wall to your left is gone.  You wan walk straight through into where the kitchen was.  Interestingly, Bruce the Builder found a time capsule in that wall.  It was a manila envelope dated 1991, with a newspaper, a 1991 penny and photographs of the residents in front of the house.  Apparently, that’s when the kitchen was last redone.  Oh yes, the wall to your right is gone too.  You can walk right through into the dining room on that side.

Like the $6 Million Dollar Man, we have the technology, we can rebuild it.   The bay window will stay, albeit with windows that don’t come down quite as far as these, as that’s where the sink will be, so the domestic help can stand, wash bottles, and gaze out at the big tree that looms over the screened in porch.   Say hello and goodbye to the breakfast nook.


This is the master bedroom.   You can’t see much, but allow me to direct your eye to two unique features.  First of all, we have the original, hokey-matic light fixture mounted in the ceiling.  It’s sort of a modified art deco…like, they went for art deco, but couldn’t resist adding a little chain trim.  The result is underwhelming.  I’m debating dechaining it – I really hate to chuck it entirely because it’s the original fixture.

Oh, see that doorway in the far corner?  That door leads to the master bath, but before you get there, you go through a room about six feet wide and eight feet long, with floor to ceiling built-in drawers, cabinets, and a little makeup desk.  I’ve never seen a room like this in my life.  It’s Homarama, 1936 edition.  Oh, it’s also got a very strange painting on the wall (not hanging on the wall, painted on the wall) and the bathroom is a turquoise and pink tile sight to behold, but not right now.

So there you have it.  Two sneak peaks of The Compound.   Hopefully I’ll get some shots of the exterior soon – particularly the prized mondo sized flagpole!

10 Responses

  1. Wowee! The whole thing is astounding. If you decide to rent the bathroom-anteroom out, let me know. It sounds cool. 🙂

  2. Really enjoying “Extreme Makeover – The Bohlender Edition.” Thanks for sharing!

  3. turquoise and pink tile…thanks for not posting that – it would be difficult to view first thing in the morning… 🙂

    That breakfast nook light fixture looks like something from ET or Star Trek….

  4. You gotta leave the chained light fixture, maybe just de-chain it, especially if it’s original to the house! Believe it or not, in Cincinnati there are many little rooms like the one in between the master and bathroom. It’s the transition room. : )

  5. The transition room?!? Oh that’ll be helpful when Kelsey delivers.

  6. @andiegrace – experts tell me that anteroom is the transition room, and we’re marketing it to San Franciscans as a spacious studio apartment. 🙂

  7. We bought a 50 year old house a year and a half ago , so I feel your pain. We had the light fixture dilemma, too. It was a toss up as to which were uglier: the original fixtures from 1960, or the giant track lighting in a couple rooms that were redone in 1990. I opted that both groups were hideous, and replaced them all!

  8. I seriously need to see this place for myself!

  9. Looks good. Lots of history. Good modifications you’re making.

    in the nook picture, are those linoleum squares that are curling up or is it uneven ceramic?

    What are you doing to the floors?

  10. I KNEW those walls could speak! I hope you find more time capsules-hopefully something from around the time it was built. Thanks for sharing.

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