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Everybody Picks Their Own Crazy

In a Facebook chat last night, I was catching up with a friend, hearing about their life and updating them on ours.  They had heard of our Speedoption of the twins (Speedoption is like adoption, in a very, very quick format!) but didn’t know we were going to have #7 in July.  When I hit the ‘send’ on that message, he quickly replied “What?! That’s crazy!”.

We hear that from time to time.   99% of the time, and certainly in this case, it’s said with some admiration.  People mean “Wow – that’s a lot of work, but cool!”.

They’re right.  There’s a lot going on in our life right now that would not be going on if we weren’t about to have #7 (or at least if we hadn’t adopted the last 3!).   We probably wouldn’t have bought a big house that we need to renovate.  Our schedules would be a lot more free.   We’re incurring some significant money and time constraints, but we’re doing it by our own volition.

We’re crazy, but we’re picking our own crazy.

In reality, everyone’s a little crazy about something.  In fact, everyone is probably crazy about something that someone else would question – if not in public, then in private.

If you were given the freedom to examine someone else’s bank statement or calendar, you’d undoubtedly find something that – by your own internal measuring system – seems out of whack.    If they were to examine yours, they would think the same thing.

Everyone has something that they’re willing to spend a lot of energy on…and often it’s something other people wouldn’t justify, but we all find our way.

We’re all a little crazy, and we pick our own crazy.

I think the crazy that makes me scratch my head the most is the crazy that is unto nothing…the time, effort, and oxygen that is burned being crazy about short term experiences that only serve to leave you hanging until the next one.

Case in point – when was the last time your church family was as excited about anything as you were about the season premier of 24?   (This is where the defenses go up…stick with me people).

I’m not anti-24.  I’ve actually intentionally never watched it because from what I’ve heard, I’m sure I’d love it and I can’t spare the time to watch all the back episodes!  I can’t speak with any authority about whether or not it’s good or bad – my assumption is that it’s probably pretty engaging TV.   I do know it’s engaging a lot of people for a lot of hours of anticipation, watching, and debriefing.

What’s the take-away?   Everybody’s crazy, but you pick your own crazy and you life with the benefits and drawbacks.    Ask yourself, based on your speech,  your twitter, your blog…what do people think you’re crazy for?

They’re probably right.


6 Responses

  1. Nice post. Well timed for me, too. You’re creepy like that sometimes.

  2. If I have to pick a crazy, I think I’d pick you guys’ kind of crazy… Lots of kids, totally depending on God sort of thing. 🙂

  3. Yeah well, your my kind of crazy… so if your crazy I am too.

    Oh crud. *G*

  4. Great stuff – I think you nailed it. I read about one thing a week that really seems to sink in…and today I’ve now read two.

    unfortunately I don’t ever know how to create a link in a comment. This article only has one thing to do with yours – what they did was “crazy”

  5. i like you.

  6. read it yesterday… still thinking about it today… SUPER good stuff… and challenging (in a Randy Bohlender kinda way – clear, grace-filled, and strong).
    thanks man!

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