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General Discontinuity

It’s nearing midnight and my mind is going a hundred different directions, so rather than try and focus long enough for one coherent, thematic post, you’re going to need to bear with me as I unload a couple of thought-trains on your dock.

This morning’s services were remarkable.   Jill Austin challenged thousands of people to the great What If of God.  What If He was really among us.  What If we could see reality and not be distracted by circumstance.  Today we spent a significant time honoring her by sharing stories and committing to pursue the very things she had made her life about.  There is no greater memorial than for young people to say “I want a life like that one….”.

We went from event to event today….church, then a birthday party for Girl Amazing, Annie Peterson.   That was followed up by an attempted nap for Zoe, then a meeting with a couple to hear their adoption story…then out to a larger gathering for the Orphan Justice Center.   A day full of great people and worthy causes.

l35237492204_5091Speaking of worthy causes, Benji Nolot and crew at Exodus Cry are working on what appears to be a phenomenal documentary on human trafficking.  He showed me a clip from the film a few weeks ago after a meeting and I was blown away – not just by content, but by quality.  There’s nothing half-done about this project.

Check out the Nefarious Merchant of Souls trailer…and ask yourself why more people aren’t outraged by the topic of human trafficking.

Tomorrow marks the end of Christmas break – kids head back to school, and work commences on The Compound!   I think tomorrow Bruce the Builder (we couldn’t afford Bob the Builder) begins by knocking the wrought iron gate down to make room for the container that will hold the remains of the walls he plans on knocking out.   Hopefully I’ll get you some pictures of the whole mess soon.

More coherence in a day or two, I promise.


5 Responses

  1. that service…. wow.

    Knocking down the wrought iron gate? That sounds very sad… Can you put it back up?

  2. No, the gate will be put back up after the demo work is done and our Pods get unloaded (they didn’t fit through the gate either!).

    Which leads me to wonder about such things as firetrucks….

  3. I was only able to watch a little of the memorial service for Jill Austin. Is it archived anywhere?
    JIm Goll was wonderful.

  4. Hey, You dont know me. But I heard you speak at Waukaway Waters Omega 07 during the summer. And I just wanted to tell you that you and your wife delivered messages about the End Times and the beauty of Jesus that completely marked my life. I really wanted to say thank you! I stumbled on your blog while on the IHOP site.
    Thanks again! YOu dont know your impact!

  5. …looks like a powerful doc happening there…praise the Lord that people are joining the Father to fight this wickedness…

    i was in a short documentary we made…check it out:

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