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A Christmas Miracle

So, we found ourselves in an unlikely position today.  It was Christmas Eve, we are expecting a baby, and we were looking for a place to sleep.   OK, so Mary and Joseph were looking for a place for that night, but we weren’t far behind as of mid-afternoon today.

We learned that that our house would close on December 30th.  This is very good, except that our new house – AKA The Compound – will not close for five to eight days later, leaving a pretty serious gap, especially in chilly weather.    Add to the fact that some of our first actions within the house on The Compound will involved knocking out walls that are quite full of lead based paint and you can see we really needed a place to stay – not for days, but for months.

To be fair, I was not concerned that we would be without a place to lay our head (although better men have found themselves in that very position).   A number of friends have said “No….stay with us!”, but when your tribe already fills a couple of teepees, you hesitate to incroach on  another man’s campfire for an extended period of time.

This morning, Kelsey and I had one of those discussions best summed up in one word.  Uhoh.   It’s Wednesday.  Tomorrow is Christmas.   Then the weekend.  We need a place by Tuesday.

This afternoon, I had set my mind to sign a lease on a rental house for two months – enough time to close on The Compound, wreck it, and rebuild it.   I was not excited about it.   It meant a lot of expense but I didn’t really know what else to do….then came the text message from a friend, asking us to call him because he had an option.

His ‘option’ quickly became The Plan, as a friend of his is out of town for January and February and is graciously allowing us to house sit.   The house is very spacious, furnished, close to where we need to be, and comes at the price of the utilities.

It’s a good day to find a place to rest.   Thank you, Lord.


7 Responses

  1. YAY!! Praise the Lord! This is amazing, guys! Yippeee!!

  2. God is good. Awesome story!

  3. WOW What a great present from the Lord!! He takes us right to edge sometimes eh? But always pulls through!

  4. I love hearing about all the wonderful miracles God is daily working out in your lives! Merry Christmas!

  5. That’s Awesome! Christmas is so much better than Festivus!

  6. Merry Christmas Bohlender Group (or Bee Gees as I like to call you). Great story Randy. Kim L. and I were just discussing the immense goodness of God. He is. Immensely. Good.

  7. a dinky 2 bedroom apartment with 3 guys living there probably wasn’t in the cards at all i spose.

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